was trying to find a gif for an old monster truck commercial but than I remembered I wont know how to post said gif anyways

a gif, for you older farts, is an animated picture :lol:

anyways stats by the numbers (ripped from blame them)

Total Offence (YPG)

  1. Ottawa REDBLACKS 408.4

  2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 367.8

Passing Yards (YPG)

  1. Ottawa REDBLACKS 323.1

  2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 270.9

Rushing Yards (YPG)

  1. Ottawa REDBLACKS 85.3

  2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 77.5

Total Defence (YPG)

  1. Ottawa REDBLACKS 322.8

  2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 344.5

Passing Yards (YPG)

  1. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 239.2

  2. Ottawa REDBLACKS 252.0

Rushing Yards (YPG)

  1. Ottawa REDBLACKS 70.8

  2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 87.2

ahh fuk it, stats are for losers lets just go out there and knock some skulls together on Sunday :rockin:

what ever the score may be im proud of these guys, they had every excuse to quit but they didn't and we are one game away from the Grey cup :rockin:

It Won't Mean A Thing When The Tiger-Cats Win On Sunday!!!!!


Not quite sure what the connection is exactly but....................
Here ya go Ryan.......take yer pick :rockin: :slight_smile: :rockin: GO CATS GO !!!!!

thanks BOBO.

the title of the thread is the connection, surely you remember the commercials for monster truck shows " SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!! bigfoot takes on the grave digger" etc

Same as last time, but I really feel this particular comparison is irrelevant, at least for offensive #'s. The QB ha the biggest affect on a game offensively, at least in my opinion, so I think a better comparison would be starting with the game after Collaros was injured.

This will give us a better idea of the match up, where as the numbers above are skewed because they include Collaros.

Can you re-run the #'s?

Can y

Yer Welcome Ryan :smiley: And I see the connection now buddy :slight_smile: :rockin: Thanks for the explanation....GO CATS GO !!!!!

Actually I think SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY predates monster trucks and started locally with CAYUGA CAYUGA CAYUGA and the drags

Wasn't it SUNDAY!! NIAGARA!! an ad for the Niagara Speedway on the old 1150, CKOC "The Busy Bee"? Coming full circle here. Now its SUNDAY! OTTAWA! on the 1150 TSN network.

NO! :stuck_out_tongue:


a gif, for you older farts, is an animated picture :lol:

Some of us older farts know what a gif is. It wouldn't surprise me if I knew what a gif was before you were born :lol: .

A cat fan for 58 years.

58 years, you need to post more Maj, id love to hear some old TiCat stories. maybe we should get a favourite Cats moment thread going, or maybe that can wait till the off season.

Great idea, but yes, keep it for the off season (from a 52 yo)