For every season ticket you purchased, you were given a voucher for a free pre season ticket. Let’s say they sold 13,000 season tickets. That means that they could have given away up to 13,000 free pre season tickets. It also wasn’t a sell out, there was at most 25,000 that showed up to the pre season game.

They might give away some tickets to the regular season game, but It’d be less than 500 would be freebies, if any.

It was smart to give away tickets to the pre season game though, make some concession and beer money on people that would otherwise stay home.

And yes im going, gone to almost every game since I was 5 years old, drove down for every game the past 2 years in Saskatoon but ive moved back to Regina. Even went up for the West semi final in Calgary last year, amazing experience!

Riders are going to need their offense to score and score big, because the Stamps will score points no matter how well the Rider defence plays. It will come down to Joseph v Burris, the hottest hand wins this one. Pickem says the Stamps by 7.

I found a comment someone posted on another site, I thought it was pure comedic gold so I need to post it here.

Well, when Hank comes to town, there’s always the potential to have two sellouts at Taylor Field. One is gauranteed.

True the Riders Offense will have to be better to beat calgary, but Hamilton’s D is not even close to the same as Montreal’s D, so that points comparison isn’t so good.

The riders will loose to the Stamps, but it will serve as a wake up call. Weather it be Burris or Smith the Stamps have the best set of recievers in the league(I think--maybe the riders prove me wrong). We did get 3 picks against Montreal when cavillo made bad dessions(he was also lacking 5talented reciever). Calgary's running game is also better than Montreals. Riders quarterbacks as much as people don't want to admitt are not as good as the Stamp's recievers. Defencively both teams may be equal, but we will see how good of a defence the Riders really have this week. I believe, without any bias, being a Rider fan that Calgary will win by 9 points.

Do you speak English? All I got out of that was the Stamps winning by 9.

I picked the Riders in the VGCC but I think the Stamps will win because of our offense under KJ. AC made our D look a whole lot better than it actually is, and we are playing a top notch offense here with Calgary and this isn't the preseason.

However I'm so used to Danny Barrett leaving the starter in all game that it's hard to see us having a QB change during the game. If KJ starts to fail then I expect with Austin we'll see Crandell immediately when we are only down a touchdown rather than down 40 points as Barrett used to wait. It'll be a good game because it's our first real test. Montreal should have been a big test and a win vs them should have been huge, but under the circumstances of AC playing horrible and the rest of the Als not looking much better, and the bad conditions of the game well - that win really wasn't that great but hey a win is a win so I'm glad

It will be a good test for sure, especially being so early in the season. I believe that Calgary's defence is not as good as Montreals, especially the db's, but Kerry wasn't very accurate last game so im hoping he proves me wrong and has a big game.

I think the defence will have a huge load on their hands containing Burris and the potent Stamp offence. The offence will have to have some success to start the game and keep Burris on the bench and hopefully not allow him to get into a rhythm.

I think a sell out would really pump up the team though :slight_smile: Let's pack the house.

I think that the Defense will come up big again this game. The Riders will be more consistant all around this season then in the past. As long as the offence keeps control, moves the ball and does not give up turnovers, the defense will cap this game off.

I do know that The Riders D, is far better than Hamilton's D. I am basing that on the two games from week one alone.

Hamilton got burned so bad, so often by those Calgary receivers, I thought I was having flashbacks from the past two Hamilton seasons. Or is it three?

A lot of people are acting as though Calvillo completely stinks.
Is that only because it was the Riders D that shut out Calvillo?
If it was BC or Edmonton, would people be saying how good BC or Edmonton's D is? Maybe not, but maybe.

Well ive heard there's only been 21,000 tickets sold so far, very disappointing. Im guessing we'll only get 25,000 out to the game. Sad


It's not gonna be a sell out...

I heard on 620 that in practice the rider's are treating Cates as the starting running back, giving him the most reps and such. He is on the roster for the game here, and is apparently expected to be our number one Running back for the game! Hopefully he'll do well :lol:

jman it's ok if you can't read then admit to it. :lol:

I said I believe Calgary’s team is slightly better, but depending which team is more prepared should win. I feel it will be Calgary because they have less injuries.

Sounds like it could be…

I predict a 24-20 victory for the stamps in very closely played game

You were wrong!

You were wrong!