We play Calgary. They looked darn good. I hope everybody will be at the game screaming at the Stamps every chance we get.

Between Riders and Stamps, us two teams seem to have the best group of receivers, at least on paper.

Tell me what we can expect to see at Mosaic's Taylor Field 2007 home opener.

I believe the Riders will win, but its going to be very close.

Riders by 10.

Actually scratch that. I think Riders win by 8.

Score will be 27-19 for Saskatchewan.

Stamps 44 Riders 18 Oh yes that happened last year!
Thats see Stamps 34 Riders 24

Calgary will be over-confident and won't expect the riders excellent D. Just like in the pre-seasson when CGY blew out EDM and then played the Riders and were completley shut down until the riders took out their starters.

Riders- :thup: 25

Stamps :thdn: 15

It will be a low scoring game I think for the Stamps, go Rides baby.

Hmm I wonder who is over confident!

The Riders can win this game. But they can realistically lose just as easy. I think it's unrealistic for us Rider fans to expect another knock out performance from our defence.

The stamps with their balanced attack are very good at putting points on the board. Even if they don't hit the redzone, it's unlikly Sandro DeAngelis is gonna miss his field goals.

For the Riders to win, the offence needs to put more points on the board. 16 points is not enough.

I hope Kent Austin figures out his RB situation in a hurry. I'm not saying cut Childs. I like him. But he never looked ready in Montreal. Especially his running. The Als made it look like anyone on the street could stop him. I'd like to see Bracey next game. I think Wes Cates needs more time to learn the offence. I won't curse Kent Austin for sticking with Childs next game, but I say it's Bracey's turn next game!

And of course, the Riders are gonna win. But I think this one will be a good tight game.

Plus the Riders' front four will pressure Burris (that is if they don't pull him for Smith) to throw some picks.

This will probably happen many times as well :rockin: :cowboy: :smiley: :lol: :twisted:

I think the stamps are going to be leading going into the fourth. But I believe the Riders will come out with it after 4 quarters.

But seriously I do agree that it will be close but I gotta go with the Riders. I'm guessing a 7-10 point game.


Well im confident they'll at least be prepared for this game. Calgary is a very good football team, and the Riders will have to get pressure on Burris to shake his confidence early.

Im going to be very disappointed if this game is anything less than a sell out.

I never realized it but we got a fairly difficult schedule to start the year. Away in Montreal, home to Calgary, home to BC, a home and home with the Eskimos.

We don't get the Ticats til week 15! If were in the thick of things at the midway point i'll be happy :slight_smile:

The hell does that mean?

If Calgary wins, it'll be a blow out, if we win, it'll be a close game, in my opinion. I really can't vote on who will win because it matters which rider's offense shows up and which Burris shows up to me! This game is a total mystery!

Yeah I agree. After the preseason sell-out, then the win in Montreal. This one will be a sell-out for sure. Are you going? is everybody going? I am totally going!

A lot of the preseason tickets werent paid for remember..

okay i will remember that.

However, you say that as if the Regular season tickets are all bought and paid for.

If you think regular season tickets aren't given away in promos and as freebies in every city in the league then you are denying yourself the truth.

Not like the preseason tickets... Im not dumb, but YOU are crazy if you think the amount of free tickets during regular season even comes close to the amount during the lone preseason game.

Calgary put up 39 points last week, Saskatchewan only 16. 16 points will not be enough to beat the Stamps. Sask's defence will need to be big, but offence will need to be much better.

Stamps by 10.