Sunday Questions

Another Sunday. Another set of questions that rumble through:

  1. Why wasn't Damon Allen a first ballot HOFer?
  2. Is there remorse in Montreal now that Popp and Trestman have reunited in Toronto? Do some think if they had just hung onto Popp they would now have Trestman too?
  3. Why all the Vince Young hate?
  4. Why are there mosquitoes?

I"ll take a stab at answering, or at least commenting, on a few:

  1. I don’t know why, but DA never seemed to get the respect he deserved while he was playing either. He never seemed quite as spectacular as Flutie, but he was consistently very good for a long time.

Maybe the fact that he bounced around a fair bit has to do with it? If he’d played the bulk of his career in one city, like AC did in Montreal, maybe he’d be considered the face of that franchise for that generation and would garner more respect?

  1. I suspect it’s more to do with trolling the ever-passionate Roughrider fans than actually hating VY.

  2. What mosquitoes? None here yet, and that’s one aspect of summer I don’t mind waiting for.

Yeah I agree with your thoughts on Allen, Dave. He also seems to be criticised for getting his numbers for "playing so long". I think anyone playing 23 years should be admired. He won 4 GC and had 3 GC MOP. Held every passing and QB rushing records for quite a awhile. In my mind a first round lock.
Matt Dunigan holds great sway over the HOF as a voting member. He and DA were not friends in any way. I wonder...
Also DA hurt himself while in BC implying that a black QB in Canada still has an uphill battle.
But I look at his career and cannot fathom why he was not in the hall at first opportunity.

  1. Many will always associate Trestman and Popp as Alouettes. But I think most in Montreal like the changes made. I do as well. Popp was so done there.

  2. VY-not sure of the hate. I think it's spurred by inferiority issues. Some of it is just pure mean spirited negativity or worse in my mind.

  3. Mosquitoes: I cannot find any use for them at all. Even in natures food chain. They are just a scourge.

1- I have no idea.
2- I have no idea.
3-I have no idea.
4- I have no idea.

  1. Don’t know , don’t really care . Damon’s in the Hall , been there since 2012 and that’s all that matters . :smiley:

  2. Don’t think so , I honestly think that the majority of Alouette fans were growing weary of Popp’s Dog and Pony show the last couple of years and were glad to see him go . “Back to the Future” was a great movie BUT in reality it’s a rarity to catch lightning in a bottle twice . The two of them had a great run while in Mtl BUT that was then and this is now. :slight_smile:

  3. I really don’t see any real hate for Vince Young . Let’s just call it a difference of opinion among fellow posters or if you like "Alternative Facts " or “Fake News” depending on which side of the Green fence yer on when it comes to the hot button topic of RiderNation and their new “old” Young QB. :slight_smile: :lol:

  4. Simple answer to this one…if there wasn’t any mosquitoes then what would the good people of Winnipeg have to complain about ? Beside isn’t the Mosquito the official National Bird of Manitoba ? :smiley: