Sunday Playoffs Hurt Me!

I'm entitled to whine so I'm going to! :cry:

Sunday double-header playoffs are on waaaay too early. For guys getting up to my age (50ish) getting drunk at a football party so early in the day just plain hurts! Oh how I'd love it if the playoffs ran in the evening. :thup:

Not so easy to do when people have to get up Monday morning though. Therefore, I'd like to see the playoffs preempt HNIC for a couple of Saturday nights. Then, I could throw a good 'ol Drunken Barn Dance! :smiley:

It wouldn't work in the evening because it would interfere with major TV shows at primetime. Ratings would take a huge hit.

dont get drunk.

Football belongs on sunday. At least the playoffs and cup games do.

I wouldn't mind if they started the first game an hour later, but Sunday means football!

i wish it were saturday, just cuz im sick of waiting for the games...hahaa

Problem is, on Saturday there's always something that needs to be done at time to sit back, relax, and catch a game.

You’ll compete with HNIC on Saturday.

Arius, you make a great point! The league should have an hour between finish and start times. Time enough to get post game reaction from the first one.

What happens if the Eastern game goes into multiple overtime? Because one network has both games, you end up missing the start of the second game.

Now that’s a good point. 10 AM PST start for the Eastern, and a 2:30 PM PST start for the Western would not only allow time for overtime, but for those that go to either game, it allows them to either watch all of the first before leaving, or to get home in time to see all of the second.

I like Sunday games myself. Sunday is the day of the week i think most people get a chance to relax. Monday-Saturday is usually work time.

I think Sunday games are great, especially for the playoffs … It would be nice to have an hour or half-hour break in between the games though, that’s a good idea.

The problem with starting games later is that they END later, and fewer fans may be interested in sitting out in the cold …

I think a 1:00 EST start for the East games and a 4:30 (no later than 5:00) EST start for the West games is fine. 4:30 EST is 2:30 MST, and 3:30 in Winnipeg, which is already pushing it a bit late.

3:30 isn't late, you can still be home by 7.

As a pretty big NFL fan as well, playoffs on Sunday screws me up. I can't get into the games as much as I can for a Friday night football when there's no other football on.
I don't think there's a better day than Sunday for playoffs, but i hate the assault on the remote. I say stagger the games with NFL so I can focus better. 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm start times would be ideal.

I say ignore the damn NFL on CFL sundays. Its not like there isnt a ton of NFL to watch at other times.

Agreed, when the NFL is on means nothing. Either you're watching a CFL playoff game, or you watch a reg. season NFL game (ie. means nothing).

Thats a pretty good idea.

Yea as long as it wouldn't affect attendance, later start times is something I would like for sure. By the time the Lions game starts i'm still hungover.

I agree it must be on Sunday though. And its also true about games in the outdoors, its pretty dam cold out there to be on late.

I agree, screw the NFL when scheduling CFL games - why should the CFL plan around them? Like someone said, we are comparing playoffs to mid-season games. Easy choice.

Also, it's a business thing. Think of big TV shows - they're always on the same night, around the same time, just on different networks. They try to go head-to-head. And since the CFL wipes the NFL off the slate in ratings ... perhaps the NFL should consider moving their game times so as to get higher ratings from their Canadian market!