Sunday July 27th: Argos vs. Riders


The Riders host the Argos in week 5.

I will politely applaud Kerry Joseph and I hope Rider Nation does the same.

By your tix now! It will be a sellout.

I cannot wait for that game!!.. I will be wearing my RIDER KJ JERSEY, and I will also applaud him during the pre-game warm ups (if I get to go). I may alsi applaud him during the game(maybe). It will be strange yellng D! when KJ is on the feild. I will also be applauding when he throws an interception.(But don't worry KJ I still love you, its just I have to cheer for the guys wearing green).

Go Riders!!
We miss you KJ

I hope the crowd gives him his deserving ovation.

I have met KJ a couple times and he is a stand up guy. We should give him one standing ovation in introductions and then he is cutoff and becomes the competition. (I hope he is the starting QB)

He is.

LOL!!!! For the amount of money they are going to be paying there isnt a hope in hell that KJ will be on the bench.

KJ has my respect and I liked him both as a quartback and what he did in the community. I have my ticket and will be cheering KJ when Toronto takes the field. Then I will be cheering for Green and White like always.

Shall I put together a little poem?

Go ahead!

For the most part yes but there is a couple scenarios where he isn't starting against us on this day.

  1. Injured

  2. Bishop (see Ritchie Williams and Casey Printers)


First of all, injury can happen to anybody. Secondly, its Bishop.

somebody not named kel