Sunday Games

New to the forum but long to the CFL so I don't know if this topic has come up and no search seems to touch on it. But I wish the CFL would STOP SUNDAY GAMES! I currently reside in the US and get no play on Sundays once the NFL has started. It seems pointless to compete with such a market. Stick with the Thurs-Sat games or explain to me why, once the NFL starts, the schedule shifts to Sunday games???

On a positive note though I would like say how much I LOVE TSN getting exclusivity this year!!! It is wonderful to have a single network to rely upon and one that is constant (no strikes!)

I suspect the schedule is based on local concerns, not USA CFL fans. Both local attendance and Canadian Network concerns rule, to varying degrees.

Seesm to me that people are always talking about internet viewing of games, which if exists, should not be impacted by NFL?

Yeah, unfortunately, I dont think American fans really get factored into the scheduling. In Canada, the NFL cant compete with the CFL for viewership.

No sadly there is a large market in the US that, for reasons I'm assuming are financial, are not tapped. There is no football in the US from Feb til Sep and these diehard fans would take anything "even CFL" as I've been told. But there are no sports stations that cover it. However, the transfer of Thursday night games to Sunday games has coincided with the NFL start for the past few years as if to whoo Canadian viewers from the many NFL games to the single CFL game. I agree there may be a reason related to stadium attendance, but why wait until fall? For me personally, Thursday is when I like to kick back to a beer and a game to kick off my weekend. Sunday I'm gearing for work and listening to the umpteen million NFL stories of running backs. :roll:

I think this guy has it wrong.. the CFL gets a much larger audience on Sunday than the NFL does when it comes to the Entire Country, IN Canada!

they aren't worried.

can you produce the numbers to support that.

after you get the numbers for the canadian stations watching NFL, can you also find out how many are watching NFL on USA stations?

as much as it pisses me off, I think in Toronto area and Vancouver area alone, there are more people watching and caring about NFL than all of Canada for CFL.

Re stadium attendance. People are less willing to thurday night once school starts.

Argo Tom always posts the viewers for the weekends, and the CFL consistently beats out the NFL.

thats only for NFL on CTV or TSN.

Doesnt allow for those tuned into american stations on cable.

The CFL should go to war with the NFL... Once the NFL season rolls around they should schedule a triple header on Sunday to go head to head with all NFL TV time slots.... then Monday night football CFL style... We would destroy them.... send those effers back to the land of freedom and liberty...where capitalism reigns supreme...minus a trillion dollar nationalization or two..... HYPOCRITES./

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Not enough US audience yet to really care that much. And yes, local concerns combined with stadium availability and what TV wants rules. Personally, I don't like Sunday afternoon games as the wife and me are out shopping or hiking or whatever, CFL or NFL. Sunday night is fine but that is NFL time. Thursday, Friday, Saturdays are good for me.

I hate Sunday games as i do watch NFL so if the Bombers aren't playing chances are im not watching. And i know this goes for alot of people i know