Sunday Football

So we have three weeks of wonderful Sunday afternoon / evening CFL football to look forward to. Which is interesting because ...

  • We keep hearing CFL shouldn't go up against the NFL cuz it's a ratings killer.
  • TSN is reluctant to compete against sister company CTV's NFL product offering.

So there's a logic breakdown here. If Sunday is bad for CFL football, then the playoffs shouldn't be on Sunday, no? If there's no problem playing Sunday football in November, then why not play Sunday football in September and October?

Already tried playing the playoffs on Saturday, didn't work

Absolutely didn't work on Saturday. I know the league has tried 4pm and 7pm starts as well.
Maybe a 3pm and 6pm starts might work. TSN has 5 channels and can start the Sunday Night NFL game on other channels while the western game is finishing up.

Personally I would love it on Saturday, but the majority seems to like the Sunday thing.

If one is doing a party for it I just don't get the Sunday preference

The thing I hate about both games on Sunday, is if you go to one game, you miss the second half of the first one.

I would love to go to the West Final , but I want to see how the East Final ends.

In 2014, they were showing the EF on the jumbo tron, but then stopped to pan into the crowd . WTF ?

What I get from the OP is that he is advocating more Sunday games Sept and Oct because of this weeks Sunday games .

Sunday is the best day for captive audience . Personally would like to see more afternoon games after labour day on either Sunday or Saturday especially for fans driving a distance to the games .

Getting those fans that travel for an hour or more is important to getting those seats filled .

@Hank01 you are correct. I am advocating for more Sunday and afternoon football post Labor Day.

Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and two Sunday afternoon games would be a perfect schedule. Saturday night would be fine until NHL starts.

All logic for not playing on Sunday seems to be refuted by the scheduling of Sunday playoff games in November.

My sentiments to, I would bet that attendance would go up also. Maybe tsn can partner with CBC on that and the CBC could put the games on Sunday’s after labour day , I would like to know if attendance dropped after they started taking Sunday games away. That way tsn can put all the nfl games they want and we would see if attendance goes up or not. The nfl doesn’t get interesting till after cfl’s done anyways , and once we’re done people who like nfl can what it all they want

Oh yeah, go riders’. Stomp the redblacks