Sunday Feb 1st - Where are you watching

The Hall of Fame is going to be showing the big game would you come to watch?

What game?

The Superbore(SuperBowl) no thanks I watch it at home and take nap when becomes a blow out. :?

Well if you were snoozing I'd say that you missed one of the greatest Super Bowls ever last year

was one of the few superbowls that was not a blow out .. I am grey cup guy

Last couple years have been good for the superbowl much more then i can say for the grey cup. last 2 years of grey cups have been horrible sorry but if the trend keeps continuing ill take super bowl and all its hype over what we saw this yr and last

last 5 yrs were actually all pretty good games last blow out would be tampa oakland insdie this time frame you have some extremly close games last years 17-14
new england philly 24-21 new england caroline 32-29 new england st louis 20-17 thats down to 2002 the only one big blow out was tampa oakland 48-21

I think it is a great idea to watch the Super Bowl at the Hall of Fame. I know I will be there, will you?

why would I go watch the American superbowl at the CANADIAN Football Hall Of Fame..? :roll:

The 'BIG GAME' was played aprox. a month ago..

if they show it,maybe next November I'll watch the 'Big Game' at the Hall of Fame

Super snore........NOT......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

That's cool that they show the game. I'll probably be at my brother's place watching it on his big screen.

What I want to know is why the other 'Big Game' is not a real East vs. West All-Star Game. What's the point of just naming the teams and not having a game? Play it in an expansion city like London, Quebec or Moncton?

I have been reading the forums for a while now and have never posted before I saw this. After reading the posts I think that most of you are missing the point of what the Hall is trying to do. I agree that a Grey Cup party would have been a better idea but I think this is about supporting the Hall in our own backyard. Personally I was going to watch the game anyway (last couple have been good) might as well support the Hall and watch it there. However that being said I wish the guy who posted would give a little more information. end rant, step off soap box

I see that some people are interested in more information concerning the event.

The Canadian Football Hall of Fame is kicking off 2009 with a simple fund raising function. The event will be held on Sunday February 1st 2009 tickets are $20.00. What do you get for your $20.00......

We are going to be showing the "Big Game" on a big screen in HD
The game is going to be hosted by our Hometown Hero John Bonk, class 2008
Food is also included with the price of admission
Cash Bar
We will also be having Door Prizes and trivia based give-away

If your interested tickets will be available at the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, thanks for your support.