Sunday CFL ?

oh, don't you know? that's that league that everyone claims is better than ours but isn't becase they have very bad rules, and very fat players that when they run look like they are running in slow motion! :lol:

CFL rules!

Well Meanstreak, as promised, the numbers are in, and the CFL clearly carries the day. When will the American centric media catch on???

[i]Yeah, they're in the Globe and Mail.
BC-Saskatchewan was close to 600,000 viewers. Highest number of the year.
Edmonton-Hamilton 408,000
Toronto-Calgary- 309,000, but the game was blacked out in CAlgary
Montreal-Winnipeg- 280,000, but that doesn't include the French language viewers.

NFL Sunday night- 320,000 viewers
Baseball Sunday night- 51,000 viewers.
ARgos beat the Blue Jays head to head.
CFL beat baseball head to head.
CFL beat NFL head to head
The numbers are there in black and white [/i]

Uhm. Call me crazy, but aren't those numbers a little bad for the CFL? I mean - surely, the CFL should destroy the NFL in tv ratings in canada .. that only makes sense and is to be completely expected.

However, the numbers you provided show a single NFL game outdrawing two first-place-race CFL games (out of 4). And those numbers are still ignoring the 14 other NFL games that took place on Sunday (and that tiny Monday Night broadcast no one watches). National broadcasts (NBC,FOX,CBS,ABC), and their respective symulcasts (CTV9, Global, A-Channel). Nevermind ignoring the NFL PPV Sunday Ticket subscribers.


That single NFL game had no football competition at all though. It has the potential of viewers switching over from the CFL earlier in the day, in addition to the "NFL-first" viewers.

yeah, Statik, but those umbers also ignore the RDS viewers in Quebec, which could put 3 games above the NFL, and don't forget the blackout in Calgary.

US numbers should could as well IMO.

OK - your point doesn't make a lot of sense. What 'football competition' did the CFL (HAMvsEDM) have on Friday Night? What 'football competition' did the CFL (TORvsCGY) have on Saturday evening (college yes, but i assure you dont want to get into that)? Strangely, the highest viewed and the lowest viewed CFL game both came on Sunday where both games would have seen the most 'football competition'.

Kanga - only the Winnipeg/Montreal game was on RDS.

My point is .. there were 14 other games that Sunday (and Monday Night), and these numbers don't reflect that.


well then that's the NFL fail for putting all their games on one day, at the same time most of them, than sheaping the out.

and yeah, that was the only one, but their were people in Quebec who turned into it to watch it who weren't counted in the #s.

....I'm not sure where you are going with this Statik other than to just stir the pot, but ALL of you are forgetting an important factor in the CFL vs. NFL numbers, I watched both the CFL games and the Sunday night NFL game, and I doubt I was the only person in Canada to do your us vs. them arguments are moot, it's just football...who gives a crap what ratings went where?....

** sigh **

why do I bother?

Kanga ... there is only one point in my initial message, I apologize, i must be doing a terrible job of making it clear. Dude, all I am trying to say is .. "lets see the numbers for the other 14 games that the NFL had that weekend" .. we need a fuller picture before drawing judgement based on a single nfl game vs a cfl week.

if the NFL drew 50,000 viewers per NFL game (I think this is a fair low estimate, tho miami/tennesse may have drawn 8). do the math 50,000x14 its another 700,000 NFL viewers. now surely i havent a clue on viewership statistics and such .. but the number is damn high whether you want to believe it or not.

who cares? who knows .. you'd be embarassed to know the number of people watching nascar (even in canada). tv numbers are huge no matter what event you are watching, and vastly inflated. There are more tv's than people in america. who knows.


The Friday night game is not an issue, it had the 2nd highest numbers, almost 100,000 higher than the the Sunday night NFL game, for a game between the two last-place teams.
And like the other poster said, the Saturday game was blacked out in Calgary. Plus the bar I went to after golfing Saturday did have NCAA football on. I switched the nearest TV to the CFL game.
(And why shouldn't I want to get into mentioning college football as competition. I subscribe to Expressvu's NCAA package myself.)

yeah, why Cascar doesn't beat Nascar in Canada, I'll never know.

but what if the NFL game they used was the highest view game of the 14?

...KK, no one watches cascar except you and this one drivers' mom.....

I haven't even seen it on TV, yet... sadly. :cry: would love too.

and she probably hates it.

I would too if I was watching Cars going around and around like in Nascar, but unlike Nascar, Cascar has street racing! haven't seen it on TV yet because it isn't on TV yet.....I don't think I've ever seen a cascar race on the tube as I'm flipping thorugh the weekend sports....there is no mention of it on any sports TV program I have ever might be featured on Speed TV at the 3:15am time slot, right after highlights of Jackie Stewart's Best Sunday Brunches.......

dang, that sucks for them. :cry: hope I can still pick up a t-shirt when I go to Winnipeg in Novermeber.


Capable of one game per week and yet all games are broadcasted on the two networks.....

MY point is that showing CFL games on Sunday doesn't hurt the tv ratings, which was the initial point of this post nerds! As for Statik's question about the popularity of the CFL in terms of tv ratings. Well, average numbers for either the CFL or the NFL in Canada seem to be around 330,000. Should the CFL be more popular? Yes, so spread the hype!