Sunday CFL ?

I'm no GENIUS, but how good an IDEA is it to have CFL games COMPETE against NFL for VIEWERS ??

Does anyone know the NUMBERS ? Why sacrafice ANY viewers if not necessary ?


Whats the NFL?

Meanstreak you have not been following the TV numbers. Please tune in every Tuesday and Wednesday. Every week we have gone up against that other league, it has been no competition.
The CFL has won hands down.
We can play our games any day of the week.

CFL games are not scheduled to maximize television viewership. Saturdays and Sundays are the best days for customers to visit stadiums. Afterall, the CFL derives most of its revenue from gate attendance.

re-Whats the NFL?

The Argos were easy


Gee, why didn't you mention the Blue Jays game as well? But come on. The NFL has no effect on CFL ratings. Check the TV ratings in the Globe and Mail on Tuesday, and the CFL will get bigger numbers. Why people have this idea that these American sports are so huge up here when they're not is something I don't get?

Only in one region of Canada has this mentality really!

You are correct my friend,
Best Wishes to my Western brothers, Argotom from the self proclaimed Center of the Universe(NOT)

Just think Argotom you are the brightest guy in the region!

The CFL has been playing Sunday games for as long as I can remember yet the TV ratings get better and better each year.

What does this tell you about the NFL?

Living in Hamilton, we (like Toronto) get the hype from both media. Me, I'd sooner watch CFL. Once u take away the fancy graphics and glitzy pregame shows, the CFL is a far more entertaining product between the lines.

Oh, I love the NFL, too. But I like it just where it is, on TV and on the other side of the border.

I'm not sure what "mentality" you are speaking of there redwhite ... I speak as someone who enjoys watching FOOTBALL be played at its HIGHEST LEVEL.

I'm a CFL fan and I would like to support it to the MAX ... but, that is just not possible when there is a whole slate of NFL games available.

If the REALITY is the NFL has no effect on CFL numbers then - so be it. It would surprise me though ... as there MUST be more people in this REGION with the same MENTALITY as I. b


If you are a CFL fan you watch the CFL games and visa versa.

T.V. ratings even on a SUNDAY are not a problem for the CFL.

We had 2 really close CFL games today. 1 of them in over time!

Really I was not trying to insult you on this one. Argotom and I have chatted many times. But really it does not suprise me that the media there is so bad for Canadian content! Your bright as well meanstreak now put your ball cap back on your head so we can see!

no way!, I mean, it's not that the league would out do the NFL in this country, but to have three or all games going on at the same time is just insane, I mean, I would like to see what's going on with the other games, and not just watch a bunch of highlights.

Keep the sch the way it is, it's great to watch a CFL game every day, and not all on one day at the same time, by having game(s) on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and some times Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays, and Fundays! :lol:

NHL season is starting soon, it will be interesting to see how that effects the numbers.

Ok, I live in Hamilton and here's what I do for Sunday games.

  1. The Cats are playing on Sunday, I go as I go to all the games.

  2. Cats on TV, I watch live, no matter what time, and wife and me go for our walk after or before game.

  3. Cats not playing, I tape the last half of a game, like I did for the Bombers/Als game, we get home from our walk about 4:30, I watch the last half of the Bombers/Als game on tape with a few beers, wife makes supper and I start watching the Lions/riders game and then supper ready but this game is good so we eat in front of the TV and watch.

  4. Then have dessert and a tea and watch NFL highlights and the NFL Sunday game unless there is another show on and the wife and me watch this together.

So, the story is, Cats first and foremost, CFL second, NFL third. It all works for me since while I like the NFL, my heart isn't in it too much, and with so many games, I'll just take in a game if it suits me. But CFL games always suit me.

FYI, here are the numbers from the previous weekend:

1.CFL, Als-BC Saturday CBC @457,000 (well above the season average) officially this is shown as #2, but without RDS actual # which I have been trying to obtain and which is not released in English Canada. Earlier in the year I was told Als are averaging 260,000 per telecast, so the combined figures as my official number and at a whopping 717,000, an amazing late night figure for the 10:00pm-1:00am slot in the east.
2.CFL, Edm-Ticats, Saturday TSN @482,000 great number winning the Saturday prime time and well above current average at 315,000, again I have dropped from #1 to #2 as stated.
3.Nascar, Sunday TSN @431,000 wins Sunday
4.CFL, Win-Cal Friday TSN @415,000 great numbers winning prime time slot
5.Baseball, Tampa-Tor Friday Sportsnet @411,000 call me a “conspiracy theorist” but one very bad team against another out of the race, who watches this and is Paul Godfrey bogus TV & attendance #'s count involved?
6.NFL, early game Global @409,000
7.NFL, Wash-Dal Sunday TSN @314,000
8.Baseball, Tampa-Tor Sunday Sportsnet @299,000 see above #5
9.Golf PGA Sunday TSN @248,000
10.Baseball, Tampa-Tor Sunday CTV @235,000 bad #'s for large network availability

When the tv ratings come out tormorrow, you will probably see similar numbers. The media in Southern Ontario drive the popularity of the NFL in Canada.

And that is the problem here in southern Ontario, sometimes you get the feeling the whole country is all caught up in the "NFL excitement" with the media and that and in Hamilton you see lots of people wearing their NFL shirts and yet if you look at TiCats attendance here for a not so great team, well averaging over 25,000 in a 29,000 seater, not bad. The thing is, and someone mentioned it above, no one, not one single person is able to attend an NFL game in Canada at all, only TV or have to travel to the States to go to a game so this in itself makes the NFL for me not as important as the CFL, no actual presence here.

That's not about to change Earl.

The NFL has a huge budget and they can pay Canadian networks to promote the heck out of NFL games.

The CFL doesn't have that kind of disposable income, but lets hope they don't need to because they are managing to get good TV numbers anyway.

Also, I believe advertisers get caught up in the hype and are willing to pay more to advertise during Canadian NFL broadcasts.

This is where the CFL needs to improve.

They need to do a better job of making advertisers aware of just how much more popular the CFL is in this country, and then the CFL will get better TV contracts as advertising revenue increases.