Sunday! bloody Sunday!

im seeing another massacre in the making for 'sqeeterville

by the numbers (rip'd from
Total Offence (YPG)

3. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 382.8. we dropped below the Arhols despite the ass whoopin
8. Winnipeg Blue Bombers 346.7

Passing Yards (YPG)
3. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 298.4
7. Winnipeg Blue Bombers 247.7

Rushing Yards (YPG)
5. Winnipeg Blue Bombers 99.0
7. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 84.4 (we really need to improve this)

Total Defence (YPG)

3. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 343.2
8. Winnipeg Blue Bombers 412.5

Passing Yards (YPG)
4. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 275.4 (freaking Arhols, again dropped us down a notch or 2)
5. Winnipeg Blue Bombers 282.7

Rushing Yards (YPG)

  1. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 67.8 (woohoo, maybe short stay at top but we`re AWESOME)
  2. Winnipeg Blue Bombers 129.8 (our rb`s should be drooling to play this week)

and there it is! receipe for an a"s kicking

I love the smell of dead `sqeeters in the mornin

This is the CFL and stats don't mean squat. Winnipeg is dangerous and cant be taken lightly. I hope you right but I think it will be a close game

It's very true. We will lose if the team looks at the Bummers as an easy win.

Even though they are Hahahaha :twisted: