Sunday Bloody Sunday

This Sundays tussle between the Cats and Riders reads more like a no-contest with all things considered. Go ahead non-Rider fans call us all crybabies, whiners, whatever you like. But dont miss this game for anything. There you will see a proud bunch of individuals who share one common bond and opinion.

That bond/opinion I speak of is pride in ownership. Look verrry close and you'll see it. Through merchandise, tickets, Riderville memberships, Rider shares, Touchdown lotto tickets, and our annual Plaza of Honor dinner(all of which directly finance the clubs operation, and Im sure I've missed a couple) we live and breath the Saskatchewan Roughriders. And after what happened this week your darn rights we'll(the fans) fight and scrap(figuritivly) for a fair game where the officials WE indirectly but truly pay for can do the job with competance that they have been hired to do.

I'd hate to be the cleanup crew at Mosaic Stadium if we see another debockle. And if you can picture that, picture the cleanup at CFL head office when our club brass voices OUR(mine and I know most) concerns over and over despite fines and whatever they want to throw at us. I suppose they'll just sweep it under the rug in traditional fashion, the bunch of unprofessional losers they have been exposed to be.

People might think I enjoy speaking about the officials and the league this way. But I assure you it pains me. Yes I love the Riders, but moreover, I have loved the CFL for all 30 years of my existance(validated by a photo of me as a 6 month old in a CFL jumpsuit that my grandma knit me). Now shes rolling over in her grave. But not this Sunday, her spirit will be somewhere in the stands enjoying a wonderful fall afternoon in the best football city in Canada(maybe the world). Sunday Bloody Sunday.


Looking forward to the game. Yes you have the best fans in my opinion as well.

thank you bobby....feel free to contact me if you ever want to come to our park my treat.


I just might take you up on that. Actually looking at moving somewhere around there in the next couple of years kind of like the house prices compared to Kelowna.

Yeah? Well that goes above and beyond. Try and plan a week off next summer in conjunction with the game and westjet it. We could scout out some property in and around Regina(no Im not a

I love the Kelowna area for the multiplicity of activities one can find themselves involved in(hiking, biking, skiing, camping), but there are only so many hours in the day if you have a family(I dont have my own yet). And nothings more important than spending quality time with them. Thats a big part of the Saskatchewan advantage.


Ah thats nice boys forum buddies! :lol: :lol:

Same goes for you man. Id be happy to share some tickets and our(my dad and I)home with (almost)anyone from this forum from out of town. Sometimes my ideology may seem the polar opposite of others. But I'd like to prove to some of you that despite that, Id probably give you the shirt off my back if you needed or wanted it.


You can use Claremont as your agent!!


Kel just because we have differing opinions does not mean I dislike you. Wiil you be my board buddy?

Great Ill remember that it kind of sucks going by myself I usually plan things around games wherever, whenever I go somewhere. Although I was thinking of going there in January and hoping someone was sick of winter and want out of there house. I have to go to Calgary for a wedding and probably be at the labour day game there . Ill be the ass in the bright orange shirt.