Sunday! Argos 35 Bombers 20 ???

Argos 35 Bombers 20

Agree? Disagree?

Discuss! Fight!

Damon will come alive!

Disagree.....too many points on both sides and I'm not sure Winnipeg's gonna lose.

It will be a boring snoozefest, 2 great D's against 2 crappy O's = one lousey game. I'll be watching the Raptors/Spurs game instead and maybe watch the last quarter of the Regina/Calgary game.

First of all, you have the wrong team winning.
Argo fans will be turning to the Raptors for their kicks after Sunday.

Secondly, your numbers are too high, especially for the Argos. 35 points!!!
Bill Lankhof said it best in today’s Toronto Sun. He said…“Face it. Argos couldn’t score even if Belinda Stronach were lying in the end zone”

"Argos couldn't score even if Belinda Stronach were lying in the end zone"

refer to my nic :lol:

I think the Bombers will win....

I dis-like both teams so I really don't care much anyhow. :roll:

(I do think that Ricky Williams has conducted himself admirably and quite professionally this year and if anything I'll be cheering for him to have a really good game).....Admittedly, I never thought he'd settle down like this, so kudos to him.

Only reason I want Toronto to beat Winterpeg is that Gey tickets will be cheaper if the bombers are not in it!Go toronto!Then lose to Montreal!LOL

I fear the Bombers will come out on the shorts side of the score today. Fear? Because I never want to see the blue team win a game.

Worst case scenario for me would a Grey Cup game between the blue team and the Riders. Something that is very probable at this point.

I'd say it's 50/50 with the Argos/Als game, but I see BC winning next week/.

You missed a great game. How was the Raptor game?