SUN reporter doubts Kevin Glenn hacked on Twitter

[b][u]Kevin Glenn 'Twitter hacker' was misguided[/u] Don Brennan, Ottawa Sun

The "hacker" who impersonated quarterback Kevin Glenn on Twitter very likely doesn't even exist.
As of Wednesday, somebody had posted 477 thoughts on the account @qterback5 that had not been deleted, so we have to assume it was the RedBlacks pivot himself.

A veteran of the sport he plays, 477 tweets makes Glenn a rookie at this particular bit of social networking. And rookies make mistakes.

I'm no judge but I do play one in the newspapers, and I think I know who's guilty of dodging the truth here.

There's little doubt that someone in the organization told Glenn he'd be the starter when he was picked in the expansion draft, just as Glenn, who feels he has never received the respect he deserves, can't be blamed for being angry over the RedBlacks signing of Henry Burris.

At the same time, the RedBlacks can not be faulted for landing Burris as a free agent last week, either. They saw an opportunity to strengthen themselves at the most important position on the team, and they took it.

Given how much trouble the Renegades had locating a decent QB, the move is in fact a strong one.

Glenn is an experienced pro and he has to act like one now. Human nature instincts can not come into play in this case. He was the No. 1 guy right through January, but now he'll to prove he deserves the job with his play in May and June.

He should be busy preparing for the challenge, and if he really needs to rip the organization, he has to do it in private, face-to-face situations.[/b]

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I also believe Glenn wrote it and subscribe to the explanation that it was intended to be a private message, not a public one. As for the content of the message, Glenn would logically be told after the draft he was the starter. But to justify the slam he would have had to have asked whether the team had plans to go after any of the potential UFA-QBs and have been told categorically that they didn't. ** IF ** that is the case then I understand the slam and it is a poor start for the team's reputation amongst players; if not, then Glenn was PO'd and showed bad judgement. But we will never know the truth of that as both sides have self-interest to say whatever favours them. Players. writers and fans will belive what they will based on their on bias for or against the player/team.

Of course he wrote it! I don't blame him for being pissed (frankly, I am not sure why the RedBlacks anointed Henry #1 without a QB challenge at training camp. From where I sit, Kevin Glenn is the more consistent QB).

Just man up and own the Tweet, even it was intended as a DM, and don't insult our intelligence by laying the tired old "hacker" excuse on us. What would the motivation be for this hacker to go into his account - at considerable time, effort, and skill I might add - and replicate his "homie" writing style?

...I have no doubt it was Glenn...We have to go back to the draft and the best qb. available to Ottawa was Glenn...I don't know what transpired after that, if they gave Glenn a truck load of promises and they degenerated into cow dung, but I don't blame him for being po'd either after the hiring of Burris...Maybe it wasn't the 'professional thing' to do ,when he tweeted his frustrations (cuz that's what it was) BUT put yourself in his shoes..The sun reporter should do just that and see what he comes up with, instead of the old rah, rah, angle...think of the team and all that stuff...Glenn has been in this league ,and a very good professional, for a very long time and deserved better treatment than what was doled out in Ottawa. :roll:

Nonsense. You admit that you don't know if they made him a bunch of promises yet he "deserved better".

On what basis should Glenn be named the undisputed starting QB of this franchise? Because they got him in a draft of players that other teams were willing to discard? That makes no sense at all. Ottawa doesn't owe him a damn thing, and even less so now that he (probably inadvertently) went public with it.

..........Don't give me the 'nonsense' crap' .. Obviously Glenn has a problem with the tell me what it is.....????

Don Brennan is an Ottawa sun "writer" who is such a homer/sellout that he supported Lonnie Glieberman back in the day. He is not an "old rah, rah" guy for Ottawa teams he is a "RAH, RAH" no talent, homer hack (IMO).

....was he in consultation with Lonnie about the 'Mardi-Gras 'nights they had planned for the Rens???.....If so ,I can understand where the guy comes from :lol:

Those were the Days!!! :cowboy: :roll: :lol: :cowboy:

Oh, so you DO know what he was promised then? :roll:

I don't doubt that he was told he was the starter when he was picked. But it's idiotic to assume that the team would simply ignore the position going forward, or only seek players they consider to be WORSE than Glenn to bring to camp. Who builds a team that way??

Wolverine29 is probably totally right that Glenn is tired of being passed over throughout his career. But Ottawa is not responsible for righting the (perceived) wrongs of those other clubs. Glenn's been on the team all of two months and he's entitled to something?

Meanwhile, Thomas DeMarco showed up at the town hall the day after the signing, joked about it in front of the crowd and stayed until the end to sign autographs. He didn't bitch and moan on social media about how he might not play all year now. He's been an adult and a pro. Glenn could take lessons from him.

Rob Johnson headed to Ottawa? haven't answered my question??? IF I don't know what Glenns problem is, and I think it's quite obvious there IS a problem...You seem to be in the know so you should be able to tell us....what is Glenns problem ???? or are you in denial that there is one and probably believe the hacker theory :lol:

" Dad can you buy me a football team so I can score some P...."

Love Lonnie

Its best for Glenn to be patient anyway. IF he wants to play its best to wait until a team loses a starter. In the mean time collect your 200k , run your Tim Horton's and shut up is what I would tell him if I was Marcel.

…I think he wanted all of the cheer leaders to wear pearl beads up top, ala the Mardi Gras…lol…That would have been a bouncy sight… Lonnie the loser , although to some he was quite innovative:lol:

I did address that. His problem is that he expected to be the starter.

You never seem to consider the fact that he has no realistic reason to think that. Even if the team told him that he was going in as the starter, do you actually think that they should avoid any potentially better player as of that point because they have Glenn now? Even if the team told him "you're our starter" in December, things changed unexpectedly.

If a very good QB suddenly became available just before camp, would you be upset at your team for signing him now that they have Willy?

Explain how you can on one hand admit that you don't know what was promised to him, yet say he deserves better from a team for which he has yet to play a down.

....I'm going to go with what you said in your post 'he most likely thought he was going to be the starter' ..I said Glenn deserves better treatment because of his vet. status in this league NOT that he was promised the starting gig ...That was an IF in my post...So tell me what's wrong with this picture...You ,as an organization ,create the impression that by employing this individual in the capacity he excels in ,and obtain his services, then slot someone else into the role he perceived was would you expect that individual to respond....I'll tell you how...exactly how Glenn responded..I see this as an organization lacking credibility...

...As far as the Bombers situation with Willy...Our management has already said publicly that Willy is the starter...anyone else brought in will be in the secondary role...IF we were to obtain Glenn, he would know exactly where he stands... Something he doesn't know now :wink:

I'd expect him to respond like a professional, for one thing.

He was not a starter in Calgary, aside from when an injury occurred, even after going to the Cup. He was picked in an expansion draft, two months before free agency, and several months before camp. Who gets chosen in an expansion draft and assumes that they're untouchable, especially with that much time before the season and such a small roster?

If he thought the mere fact fact of being picked meant there would be no way he would be challenged for the role if an opportunity came up then he's naive and perhaps not very bright, especially for someone who's been around as long as he has. Of course they're going to keep looking. And they're not going to go looking for guys worse than you. He should know that.

Sure it sucks that they happened to find one (at least in their estimation). But guess what: All the bigger-name free agents signed this week are going to cut into the playing time of someone who thought he might get a bigger chance. Nothing new here and instead of name-calling he should maybe prepare to compete in camp and see if can't change the team's mind.

...not sure how an organization that hasn't played it's first game yet can be so tarred and feathered...but what do I know....

...actually, architecture, I know architecture, allow me if you will to divert (or not) this topic for a second:

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It's a function of seeing what one wants to see, I suppose...

And that's a lovely home, R&W. :thup: