Sun Poll: Would You Like BMO Expanded for Argos. Yes or No?

:rockin: Have your say. Would you like BMO expanded for the Argos? Poll is at the end of the Sun story. Vote early and vote often!
[b]New owner could help Argos land new home[/b] By Jenny Yuen, Toronto Sun

TORONTO - Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment is hinting that a new owner of the Toronto Argonauts will throw a Hail Mary pass in order to land the historic football team a new home.

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Votes yes! Glad to see the Yes column ahead!!!

If Bell is not the mystery group.. I am going to watch every game one hour later and skip all of the commercials with my PVR.
The only danger might be that if this upcoming season is a crappy as last season, that I might skip over the game action and watch the

I wouldn't hold my breath on a deal getting done. They have a home in 2016, so the matter will likely be unresolved and they will move in 2017

I voted "NO" just to see if my vote will count when they sit down at the final hour of negotiations. I can imagine the new owners pulling out my name from the Sun Poll and saying "sorry we don't want the Argos this guy was the deciding negative vote" :roll:

But seriously, I couldn't care less about these type of polls they mean nothing. It's like the poll that asked "will you be watching the Grey Cup this weekend" ? 50 percent said yes, yet according to the ratings it was like 12 percent of Canadians that actually watched it. Or the poll about "what is you favourite Toronto sports team" ? what use was that one, they just have to look at the average paid attendance.

BMO will be expanded with or without a poll. They are just doing the final numbers about the new owners paying the $10 million for it and negotiations with Braley to hand over ownership. I'm sure it's not a sale but an ownership change with no cash changing hands.
It will be a good deal for the city and MLSE, they get a new tennant and extra revenue from 9 more dates a year.

not surprised in the least.


You took two words from my posting? why not the rest:

"BMO will be expanded with or without a poll. They are just doing the final numbers about the new owners paying the $10 million for it and negotiations with Braley to hand over ownership. I'm sure it's not a sale but an ownership change with no cash changing hands. It will be a good deal for the city and MLSE, they get a new tennant and extra revenue from 9 more dates a year."

The fact that you would vote NO should get you banned from this site, as you just confessed to being a troll.

why? you voted NO!
and it is par for your course.

among other things, you’ve advocated for the NFL in Toronto, the demise of the Argos, the superiority of TFC, Raptors, Leafs, etc, perpetual misleading of CFL/Argos TV ratings and attendance figures etc etc etc

and now you vote “NO” to have the (soon to be homeless) Argos at BMO.

the list of anti-Argos/CFL sentiments from you are long and tedious.

You see "I voted "NO’'"as TWO words?
I think you have a bigger problem than you realize.

Yeah polls don't carry to much weight in the end of the day.

But have fun with it either way...I clicked my 'Yes' and it's at 60% for the yeahs. 40% from select TFC supporters.

I voted yes because it is the only hope to save the Argos - and if the Argos disappear that hurts the league and it would particularly hurt here in Hamilton taking away our biggest rival.

Travel, you are showing your Southern Ontario centricity as "Hamilton can't survive without a team in Toronto". That's archaic thinking, Hamilton, IMHO, has evolved where Hamilton can be on it's' own without Toronto and knowing what the rest of Canada, IS.

Sure, we all want the Argos and Toronto in the CFL and doing well but hopefully, as I say, if the Argos go caput, Hamilton can still be great playing say agains't the Stamps or Lions etc. without a team in Toronto. And be ok with that and fully in tune with Hamilton as a unique city and region all it's own.

I trust you agree? If Hamilton needs Toronto for anything other than provincial politics and getting what they need from provincial politics, well then too bad for Hamilton I say. I think Hamilton has evolved as such, one can only hope.

As I say we all want the Argos to survive and do well but if Hamilton and TiCats only hope to survive as a franchise is based on the Argos, yikes, that's a total big black mark on Hamilton, IMHO. And the CFL. What, Hamilton couldn't survive with an NHL team if the Leafs move to TimBuckTwo? 8)

Earl - where did I ever say the Ti-Cats wouldn't survive without the Argos? They would survive - but we will have lost our biggest rival - the team we look most forward to playing and (hopefully) beating. Sure if the Argos were not there we would have a rivalry with some other team - but it would never match the intensity the Argos rivalry brings with the big city vs. small city just down the road and all the history that rivalry has had over the years white collar city vs. blue collar city and other differences between the cities present over the years. It is not as big a difference these days as Hamilton moves away from being mainly a blue collar city - but for so many reasons there is no other city in Canada that Hamilton would develop as intense a rivalry with if we were to lose the Argos. And that is why losing them would have a bigger impact here than anywhere else.

And you simply don't understand the Hamilton perspective of the Ti-Cats - Argos rivalry if you don't recognize that.

Don't buy your argument Travel. You continue to seem to think that Hamilton needs Toronto to survive and flourish. That is the old way of thinking about Hamilton but hopefully not the new way of thinking about Hamilton.

Talk about rivals, well a lot of it is about winning and matchups ie. the Bills and the Dolphins were huge rivals but that changes once one of those teams doesn't win and others do win. Matchups and current rivals, at least in the majors from what I can see, change. And that's the way it should be, including with the CFL.

Come on, you don't think the Pats and Bills would be as big of rivals as the Bills and Dolphins were when they were winning and the Pats sucked? Come on man. :roll:

I voted no.. I think Rogers should make more wise investments like this .. 38 million Candian dollars well spent.. Why waste 10 million on the Argos

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Earl I thought you lived in Hamilton. You sure don't understand much of what drives the Toronto - Hamilton rivalry from a Hamilton perspective - the hatred not only for the Argos but the city of Toronto that has fueled the intensity of that rivalry more so in many ways than what has happened on the field over the last 40 years. Rarely have both teams been good at the same time which helps create a rivalry. Rarely have they played in truly meaningful games in the last 25 years. A couple of years ago when they met in the Eastern Final was the first time in eons they met in that game.

It is because of the proximity of the two cities and the hate or at least disdain for the other city that exists that helps fuel the intensity of the rivalry. That can't be matched by another city's football team. I'm actually kind of shocked hearing somebody who is supposedly a Ti-Cats fan living in Hamilton say what you are saying.

You clearly have missed or don't understand the depth of the rivalry that goes way beyond the Argos just being another football team in our division.

No kidding, what a moron. But that’s not surprising, given his history of idiotic posts on this board.

Is this poll for season ticket holders, or just in general?