Here is what I saw in the Toronto Sun only newspaper and it's typical of a form of CFL bashing.
You would think the Sun chain with its sponsorship of the CFL and various teams would not have such crap?
In all my years I cannot recal a similar NFL poll with option three?

How closely do you follow the CFL?

I'm obsessed
I watch a little
What's the CFL?


Yeah, that's pretty bad. Our own media needs to give WAY more respect to the CFL. Hell, the CFL probably gets more respect from American media than Canadian media.

anti CFL bashing.
err, double negitive, anti means against, so really your saying that the sun is "against CFL bashing" which is a good thing. you must mean

"pro CFL bashing"


NS you are correct, thanks for pointing it out. In my haste to post, I forgot to proof read.
Anyway, here are the latest surprising(not) results.

How closely do you follow the CFL?

I’m obsessed 17%
I watch a little 47%
What’s the CFL? 37%

Total Votes for this Question: 463

np man.

those results are terrible, they must have interviewed people who just came out of jail after being there since 1908 if they dont know whatt eh CFL is…

Unfortunately this is part of the problem here in Southern Ontario with its wannabee US and NFL mentality.

how bout, everyone here vote 'im obsessed' and see what we can do to move the results.

I wouldent worry about it!

Argos Bills prob voted 1000 times

Yes and so must have Paul Godfrey and his entire office staff.

There have been a few, much-more-scientifically-accurate polls that prove the CFL is far and away the 2nd-favourite sport here in Canada … it’s a pissoff when polls like these get results like that, but they’re pretty inaccurate. Nevertheless I’m gonna vote for the obsessed :wink:

Have you got a link?

Not yet, but I do remember a poll like that coming out within the past 6 months ... when I've got some more time, I'll google it, but I'm not really sure how to search for it.

Here's what I've got so far ... haven't looked into it yet, but it seems like there are probably a couple of good links in here: ... 6&start=15

everyone who answered whats CFL should be shot with painballs.

What is a toronto sun????? BLATANT CFL BASHING catering to NFL fans. IT is Allso clear that Joe Thiesmans rants about Ricky Williams, were very calculated , and were intended to hurt any progress $$$ the Argos would make. IMO

I gotta agree the Canadaian media hurts the CFL a lot more then any American

Typical result from Toronto... run the same poll in the Calgary Sun or Edmonton Sun and see what happens.

As mentioned above, Godfrey and his Canada and CFL hating buddies just all are told to go on there and vote negatively. This is an absolutely nothing poll by an absolutely nothing newspaper, calling it a rag is doing justice to the Sun, in all honesty when they publish idiotic polls like this. Too bad I have to say this because they have some excellent articles on the CFL many times, why they then go and spoil it with a kindergarten type poll like this is beyond me.

The Toronto Sun would like nothing better than for the CFL to fold so that Toronto could try to get an NFL team.
But then again, you're talking about the Sun.

Yep, this is strictly a southern Ontario phenomenon. Otherwise, the CFL is THE game next to the NHL. The TV ratings tell it all. Maybe the media will stop believing all the NFL hype at some point...For now, growing grass roots support and American interest will make this league even more popular!