sun media poll: what did u watch on labour day?

damon allen, battle of alberta or a bunch of other crap?

so far only 2 votes....50-50 bluejays and vote for 1 of the CFL options.

I cant. I didnt bother to watch much of the alberta game, was too busy. I did watch most of the ticat game, but not for Damon Allen. So I cant honestly pick either, sigh

Wow, you are one straight shooter!

youbet :thup:

Battle of Alberta leading with 33% of 30 votes ... (including mine)

keep it going!!!!!

Even STEVE SIMMONS had a positive article about the CFL.

Polls like this mean diddly, people, for example, could vote for Tiger, watching 15 minutes when he won at the end, but watch 3/4 of the football game and when it was out of reach, watch Tiger, so they vote that way.
These polls are just pure entertainment no validity in them at all. What are they actually trying to measure? They are a complete joke.

RIGHT ON! The only poll that counts are the T.V. ratings! :thup:

And even then hello, I'm not totally sold on how they do TV ratings.

I totally agree , but they are what advertisers look at. :thup:

eh whatever, this isn't a true, fair poll.. Majority of people who see the poll and do the poll and from the East.. go figure.

someone must have fixed the poll, becase most didn't watch TV or were watching Tiger Woods. I voted for Allen, but I watched both LDC games.