Sun Media - East Predictions

Hopefully we prove them wrong, but the East will be close this year:

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I hope there are Wrong

The 2 divisional cellar dwellars this year will be Montreal and Edmonton. No way will Montreal be first in the East.

Wrong? Come on, how can any info in the media be wrong? :lol:

I think Montreal and Winnipeg will both stink this year.

I think Montreal and Winnipeg will both stink this year.
I don't think it is about other teams being bad this year, most of the teams seem to have competent coaches and GMs.

This year is going to be close, and anyone can end up going to the Grey Cup in both the East and West.

But with Charlie, Ed, Mike, Gregg, Dave, Dennis, (and whoever I've missed) coaching, as well as the talented players Marcel, Craig, and Mike have assembled, along with our depth at Quarterback, I -really- like our chances.


With the personnel we had at the start of the season last year, I -really- liked our chances as well. We all saw what happened there.

However, it seems to me that we have the best football people around to run and coach the team. It is now up to the players to implement the systems and WIN.

I agree about this being any teams year and I also agree about the new staff here.

I will be VERY shocked if the Ti-Cats don't get at least 10-12 wins this year.

Hmmmm... funny how an enforced salary cap leads to parity... which leads to more interesting, close games... which leads to more fan interest... which leads to more ad/ticket revenue... which leads to a larger salary cap... which leads to better talent...and on and on...

Bottom line to me:'07 Success = Playoff berth. I'm not too concerned about number of wins, as long as the number gets us in the playoffs! Nothing else matters.I don't care who gets cut, fired, or quits. Just get in the the efin playoffs! :twisted:

The TiCats will hoist the Grey Cup in the blue team's house this November. No other team's standing is relevant.

Great post Ockham.

These predictions and powerrankings and such don't mean jack to me. I'd prefer for people to underestimate us. It gives us the upper hand.

sigpig wrote:
" It is now up to the players to implement the systems and WIN."

Yeah right. If only it was that simple.
Based on what I have seen so far....I predict the Tiger-Cats will start off slowly with a couple of losses (against Montreal and Toronto) and then things will change for the better. This team needs more time to get it together.
Second place at the worst by the end of the regular season.

Well, I've already got my GC predictions from me except "I'm looking forward to a good time"!

If the Ticats happen to win their way into the dance...all the better! :thup:

In contrast, Brian Hall, the voice of the Edmonton Eskimos today said he thinks it will be the Eskimos and the Ti-Cats in the Grey Cup this year.

Being from Hamilton and currently living in Edmonton, I hope he’s right.

Very interesting. I hope he is right also.

BC is stacked at every position and is the class of the league. They also have Canadians as good as most imports throughout their lineup. My money is on BC from the West. In the East it'll be the Argos. They have good depth at most positions and veterans in key positions (QB, RB, MLB, kicker, etc.), and have a strong, rebuilt Canadian O-line. Heck, John Avery won't even be starting--it'll be ex-NFLer Jamal White. I don't think the Als will make the playoffs; they've allowed themselves to get old and will also miss Matthews. The Bombers will be good because of three guys (Stegall, Glenn and Roberts), but they aren't enough. Hamilton is still a year or two away.

An Argo-Cat fan


This is not the NFL.. it doesn't take years to make a winner. Its season to season in the CFL. How do people not know this?

Toronto does not have a QB..
You Can't Trust
Allen anymore Father Time has tackled Him..
Bishop is Unreliable..
Mike Mcmahon has no CFL Experience

I think the East is Wide open..

Remember the 95 and 96 seasons? Toronto was 4-14 in 95 and then went 15-3 along with taking the Grey Cup the very next year.

People really need to get out of the "It takes time to develop a winning team" mentality when it comes the the CFL.

History PROVES that it DOES NOT take 2-3 years to go from the bottom to the top in the CFL. Look at the history yourself.

The Toronto example is just one of hundreds that I could give you of these kind of turn around seasons. I can start listing them if you like..