Summing up Div. Semi Final Weekend

I am not a Ticat or Argo fan, but was biting my nails at the end of that game! The Riders and Lions gave us a show to remember! THis is Classic November football in Canada! It will be a tough act to follow for sure!

If I were a BC fan, I would be pretty happy about how Lulay played....they are SOLID at QB for the future.

Congrats Argo and Rider fans!!! Enjoy next weeks' games!

Ticats suck and need improvement.
Rider's and Lion's put on the type of show you expect to see in the playoffs.Both team's were worthy.

Look, any team can improve. I really thought Hamilton would still pull it off. That last TO pick wasn't part of my plans for them :frowning: :cry: :frowning:

Luley looks good, BC has a good one there. Just next yr like I posted previously.

Four teams left, anyone can win the Holy Grail now.

Marcel is a terrible HC, he's often ill prepared and never get's angry or yells his players into playing better during a game.
Gibson is the worst OC I have ever seen, what you saw today was apparently "new wrinkles".Oh yeah!We threw that screen pass to Mann on the right instead of the left, brilliant Mikey, just Brilliant!
Too many problems to list that are holding this team back from being champs.
Until things are fixed, EVERY team in the league is a much more legit cup contender than us.
I have faith that Obie will do the right things this off-season and we'll have a legit 12 win run next year.
Good luck to the remaining teams, the Riders are my team to watch in the playoffs.

15championships, I think your the only ticats fan to say they are cheering for the Riders now. Thanks for the support, much appreciated. It would be nice to eventually get some more GC so at least we're in the ball park with most other teams.

Riders are my second team, and even if they weren’t I loathe Calgary because of Smilin’ Hank and Brandon Browner.Don’t like the Al’s either and you shouldn’t need to ask if I like the Argo’s or not :lol:

I did a seminar in Hamilton a couple of years ago, and I told the audience that Hamilton was my second team because the '89 Grey Cup was the best Grey Cup ever.

I got a lot of grins. Our cities have a lot in common. Our stadiums suck about equally, for one. :slight_smile:

It truly was, and next year is going to be the 89' grey cup pt. 2
See you there :rockin:

No and yes. Yes they need improvement; no they don't suck.

There may be better head coaches around, but I think it's unfair to say he's "terrible". . . and he does get angry, he sure showed his anger by throwing his headset after that last interception. . . besides, wouldn't you prefer a cool as a cucumber head coach as in Matthews, Buono, or Trestman, over a loose cannon like, say, Mike Kelly ?

Really? Does the name Bart Andrus (or the aforementioned Mike Kelly) ring any bells with you? Gibson is light years ahead of those two. . . and I don't know if you are too young to remember him or not, but Edmonton once had a coach called Kay Stephenson who designed one abysmal offensive package. . .

To be fair, both Andrus and Kelly (2009 version) were doubling up as HC and OC, which Gibson isn't.

However, pooling the offensive skills of Bellefeuille and Gibson may create a rather shallow puddle...

CFL just posted this in their website.

[url=] ... nal-sunday[/url]

Summary: TiCats-Argos average/peak audience: 1.1million/2million, Riders-Lions average/peak: 2million/3.3million. Overall average audience of 1.6 million, a 13% increase over last year.

3 of the best games of the season occurred at Mosaic.
I'd say Regina has got it's money worth this year. All 3 OT thrillers.

Exactly, we have an offensive minded HC and a so called OC who can't seem to draw up more than 10 different plays and call bad plays at bad times with zero adjustment.You can't tell me everything's all sunshine and smiles.

And don't forget, all won by the Riders. :wink:

Okay other teams, might as well hang up the cleats. Hamilton vs Sasky in the 2011 GC. As for stadiums I really hope somehow we can a new one. Seems everyone else is upgrading or getting a new one. I was at a jays game this summer and gotta admit the Rogers Centre was nice especially compared to Taylor Field.

Well it looks like the Riders Green Train is starting to collect some passengers (fans) from Hamilton and BC. All are welcome aboard … cho, chooo. Stamp fans your welcome on the next stop in Calgary. We’ll all head to Edmonton and take on the Als (sorry Argo’s just a feelin’ I have for that game, but your welcome as well). Wow, this is like a Coke commercial at christmas time, where is the polar bear? Why in Winni the pooh, Winnipeg. Okay Pooh-bears your welcome too!!! Chooo, Chooooo :rockin: :rockin:

I got to witness all three, and will remember it till I'm senile (hopefully passed then). Absolutely fantastic heart wrenching games. All three with a lot of meaning in them. The first game of the year in the rematch of that hated day that we shall never mention again, which for pure excitement was the best game I have ever witnessed.
Then the hated stampeders, definitely the Riders biggest rivals at the moment. Two top teams in the west. Calgary was on a 7 game win streak. That punt at the end of the game. Huge game for Fantuz and Durant.
And of course Sunday's game, which being a playoff game, win and your done, and it comes down to double OT, and Clermont of all people does the deal. Such a good time there, so loud.
All three hard fought games with 4 good football teams.

The one thing about all this, is that they were all at Mosaic. Hopefully they can have a much better outcome than the last two meaningful games they played in McMahon. Ah damn I mentioned it again.

And I wasn't trying to. . .it's just that you boldly claimed that Gibson is the worst offensive coordinator ever, and I don't agree, and gave you examples of some I think are in fact worse.

Well, you could be right but Gibson still needs to go.The only "wrinkles" we ever see outta the guy is on his face :wink: :lol: