Sully, I have a question

can you tell me what the VIEW stat and the READ stat indicates

I have to admit I don't even know what page/view you're referring to! Can you link me to it / an example?

you havent forgotten about me have you sully?

I don't know the answer. :frowning: The forum software is Discourse ( ) but I couldn't find the definitions anywhere.

ok thankss

seems like something is out of whack with our site here. in every other site I checked out at the link you provided, the viewed numbers were mostly noticably higher than replies numbers. this makes sense to me, but is not so here.

specially when one checks the ALL time numbers

Do you want a refund? Perhaps you need another hobby other than just this forum.


do you sometimes just cruise the forums looking for someone to attack??

Just wondering.

I'm never here to attack anyone. I simply like to add truth to delusion. And like any reasonable person I find entitled man child's a little annoying.

I would even go as far as saying that you're a burden to this forum, and most if its members.

...I wholeheartedly disagree with your last statement, and I think you’d be very hard-pressed to find anyone on this forum that sides with you on your opinion...

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I can name a whole list of people who are not fans, but that's up to them to say or not. I don't know him, and have no personal vendetta against him, but he often acts like a child with ADHD that often acts entitled to staff responses or forum gripes. These are not redeeming qualities to most.

The internet is loaded with all types of forums that he should consider dividing the endless time he has between them. People like him rarely contribute anything to society, and as a veteran and former police officer I'm naturally not a fan of these types. Obsessive and compulsive people are never good for a society.

FYB is a good contributor here and a seemingly good man.

CFF ...your comment here was one of the most mean spirited ones I've ever read here. And we all know you are an ex cop as you constantly point out. Tells us a lot why we need reform. It is not up to cops to tell us who should be allowed and valued in society.

FYB...I'm sorry his comment was made.


We don't need police reform in Canada at all. Other than the Toronto police specifically, there are no exorbitant police issues in Canada at all. Your opinion is proof as to how brain washed some Canadians are by American media.

And what I wrote may sound mean spirited, but it's the truth. There's literally no excuse for a grown man to behave the way he does.

When were you fired again?

I wasn't fired at all. I retired from the police to join the military. Perhaps you should go off and keep pretending that Canada and the US are the same, and that a man child somehow contributes to society.

Thanks man. :slight_smile:

and you too RW :slight_smile:

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I dont really want to continue any off topic discussion in this site feedback topic and forum, but I will make just this one response. I am not sure why you are taking issue with me but I dont mind.

As for ADHD, I did indeed have the symptoms as a child, though never diagnosed. Apparently I have also been suffering Borderline Personality Disorder due to extreme childhood trauma. Just got diagnosed finally 10 yrs ago at age 55. In the past I have allowed bouts of irrationality, upset, stress and anger to cause me to post negatively in many ways. I think the past few yrs I have managed to reduce that a lot.

Got to ask you, do you have a problem with those of any age who suffer mental handicap.

Possibly you may not have been a good officer to send on wellness checks and such.

There was no entitlement on my part. Just a reminder because I know Sully is most likely busy and could forget. I know I often forget to get back to various topics. This site feedback forum is for such things as forum questions and gripes/issues.

You say that a man child contributes nothing to society. There are many men with child like brains for different reasons. Is it your claim that none of them offer much, if anything, to society?


I have no issue whatsoever with people that have mental disorders. Only the ones that don't properly care for themselves by getting help. You not getting proper help until 55 shows that you at least used to be one of those.

We live in a nation with one of the best health care systems on earth, and I would argue that you need more help.

I have no personal issue with you at all, but a lot of the things you type on this forum show that you're totally out of touch with the way an adult should behave. So maybe you need a life coach as much or more than to be properly medicated.

I suffer from PTSD, but I don't make it anyone else's problem ever. Not once. And PTSD is far more severe than any form of ADHD.

Also, to everyone... don't confuse forthrightness as rude, or some sort of attack. The truth doesn't care about your feelings. Truth is indiscriminate.

Often in life a swift kick in the ass is exactly what someone needs to do something they're scared of.