Is up to his old tricks, yet again!

Another rant about the officiating!

And more complaining about the unnecessary roughness rule.


The CFL commentators need to watch an NFL game and see how those commentators make the NFL out to be flawless. The NFL players are perfect, and are immune to mistakes. So are the officials.

Time for the CFL to follow this lead. No more going on about a bad play or dropped ball. In the NFL a dropped ball is announced as an "incomplete pass" and the converstation shifts to the strategy each team used on the play.

Yes its a minor thing.
Yes its dumb.

But whatever works.

What about Suitor's comment that Troy Davis wasn't looking
at the pass that Ricky threw him along the goal-line.

Then, he repeats the same comment during the replay
on which it was obvious Troy WAS LOOKING at Ricky Ray.

Ricky threw it ahead of him to keep it away from the close coverage.

Once Suitor makes a comment he never backs off
and admits he made a mistake and the replays shows he's wrong later.

Suitor's an idiot. I can't stand his commentary. I don't understand why he has a job doing this in the first place.

Tonight was a classic he was counting all the edmonton tacklers on the line and they were Stamps! :lol: :lol: The eskies had the ball!

Would you rather have Walby doing the colour commentary for those games? Suitor isnt the greatest, but he is better than the analysts that the CBC has , by far.

.......the thing that bugs me about on-air commentators is this rule they have about not correcting themselves or their partner....what the big deal about saying "oops, I meant Eskimos, not Stampeders"? would make them look better than to just carry on like nothing happened, that looks either arrogant or fact, wouldn't it be interesting if the play-by-play guy and the colour guy just talked like a couple of normal people watching the game over a beer or two....argue a bit, laugh a bit, say something dumb and then fight over it awhile....would be more fun for the veiwing audience than a pressed starched collar approach we are currently force fed by the networks.......

Thats face it regardless of networks we do not have guys that can create a good football atmosphere. Suitor is the worst of them! His ranting reminds me of a kid that did not get his way! Can we have another strike please!

Couldn't agree more with the comments regarding Suitor. Never shuts up, plus he's a whiner. Thinks he knows a bunch and doesn't. My mute button gets a workout when he's "broadcasting".

Here is a senario for all the Suitor and Walby haters out there. Everyone complains about Suitor being Pro Riders and Walby being pro Bombers and both being horrible color commentators. Lets get the two of them doing commentary for the Labour day classic in Regina then for the Banjo Bowl in Winnipeg. What fun that would be. I would imagine it might be like WWE commentary.

I remember many years ago when Vince Mcmahon and Jessie Ventura used to do commentary on WWE Wrestling matches. Vince was trying to make a point and Jesse was arguing with him (as they always did) and Vince had proved his point while Jesse was still arguing with him. Then Vince started doing commentary on the replay and Jesse said "Shutup Mcmahon I do the replays".

I think it could be very entertaining if this were to actually happen.

McMahon & Ventura were more interesting than any of the TSN/CBC commentators.

Walby makes Suitor sound like a choir boy...Walby is the worst on TV, and most biased of all colour commentators. He needs the golden handshake like Brian Williams received.

Just a question, but who would you like to see a colour analyst on TSN or CBC? I thought Lancaster was pretty good when he was at CBC. Anyone else have someone in mind they would like to see on TV?

I always wanted to see Benefield, just because I always enjoyed reading his articles. He is on TV now, and although he is still pretty green, I think he shows potential.

Two good choices Sambo & jm02. Lancaster was good as colour guy, Bennefield has always been well spoken.

Could they do any worse??????

Why oh Why did I know you would post in favor of good ole Suitor! I have tell you that you did not disappoint me! Suitor loves his Riders so it is only natural right!

Pamela Anderson would be great!

Kahari Jones. He's polite and he needs a more meaningful job than reporting on the sidelines.

I agree Khari would be an excellent choice! But the league needs to progress and we need a female sports personality in there as well! Put it this way a blocking dummy would be better then Suitor and more qualified!

Kahari Jones would be great for the job! RW2k5, don't you think that girl is a little bit much for this forum?

What Kanga? She is a cartoon girl I thought you like cartoon girls! :lol: