Suitor suggests Riders break Cap for home cup

If Randy had a set he'd be calling TSN and telling them to get him off the air.

Imagine if an NFL broadcaster openly suggested a team should break the salary cap to win the super bowl at home?

Goodell would have him off the air quicker than you can say Jon Gruden.


They tried to get a hold of Bobandy but apparently he couldn't be reached being as he was in Togo Togo looking for the next great Global phenom to unleash on the league .

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Absolutely hit the nail on the head. The ultimate problem is that the CFL has become the bar of low expectations.

Any publicity is some publicity or something?

I don't want to be that guy the calls the League bush, but when you have a commentator for the national broadcaster outright calling for a breaking of the rules (the very rules that were brought in to make the League sustainable)... I really do question why the league should survive.

P.s. Saskatchewan breaking the cap in 2013 is a sore spot for me, sad that good ol Glen is willing to pick at it.


Suit is a admitted fanboy, good announcers for a National broadcast are not fanboys.


Can you imagine a John Madden , Cuthbert , or Scully suggesting that teams should break the existing rules in order to gain an unfair advantage .
It is long past time to Dump the Dope !!! Suits has got to go .

Pat Lynch (Do your job TSN)


I watched it...

It was exactly as you'd think it was...

Funny thing I beat Suitor to that theroy, I posted this on January 9th. with a slight different take on it.

That said, as a fan I have less culpability.

"Agree, far too soon to predict any kind of standings, preseason will be a welcome addition and a better indication of who is who in 22. If I were Riders I would push the cap to it's fullest, maybe slightly over the the cap (understanding you may end up with a player on a six week injury at some point saving that money) to ensure they will potentially play in their own GC game. At this time I feel Hamilton has began a mimi rebuild and will push for a home (again, [no reference to the movie] for 2023), not to mention Cats have a tough start, Riders, Stamps & Bombers.
I believe Saskatchewan & Winnipeg will be exciting, whoever win the majority games against each other will be #1"

He apparently thinks it's funny.

He's completely missing the point like Pat said. Youd never hear John Madden go on Raiders radio and suggest they go over the cap to win a championship at home.

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Ah is he getting some heat on social media.

Oh and hey by the way Mr. Suitor you were no longer an honorary colonel after 2019 time to change that profile picture.


Listen to the podcast. Around 1 hour 14 minutes Suitor states the Riders need to go for it and take the hit for going over the cap, nothing about injuries. The guy is so full of shit.


Just listened myself to the full piece.

Exactly what was reported verbatim. No mention of injuries, suggested the Riders sign Shaq, Duke, and continue to add..(Kenny Lawler). The countdown is on, Grey Cup game is at home, do what you have to do.


We still haven't had an explanation on how the Argos had so many coaches under contract.

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Don't hold your breath waiting for that explanation.

Guy seen outside the TSN studios the other day .


But it is true, can't flag the truth can you?

Truth has been flagged before :joy:

Fixed it for you . That's what friends do :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Pat Lynch (a TiCat fan)

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Good job you,
Doesn't mean it wasn't correct the other way as well.

(I wish I was smart like Pat Lynch's Brother.)


"push", "break", "go over" - Sorry Glen, What's the difference?

What a farce.


I'm not Glen. I'm just a Bomber fan.