Suitor on Labor Negotiations

I love this article. It basically says... absolutely nothing! :lol:

I do agree with Suitor on keeping the negotiations "in house." We get enough dirty laundry aired out with other leagues. If you ask me, this is a more mature approach.

In the end, hopefully everything works out. :thup:

Poor guy as to at least LOOK busy during the off season :lol:

:lol: True.

Here's an excerpt from Doug Brown's column that he wrote upon returning from the CFLPA's meeting in Las Vegas:

I actually asked our union president, Stu Laird, if there was any part of the trip I could disclose and he told me I could share with you my gambling experiences and how I got to work out at the spa for free.
Two is officiating; it is easy to jump on the refs during the year, but in reality, the refs do a great job and need more support. If the head refs in the CFL are making a very good living it will create competition and that alone will improve the overall process, not to mention more spending in education, in season seminars, equipment and more.

Finally, another designated import and another Canadian non-starter on the roster would be beneficial in preventing injury and player development. Two more players on the roster, who are developmental special team guys by rule, means that the current stars are on less special teams and therefore stay healthier.

I agree with both these points if Head referees made a real salary and there were reffing schools and seminars I think games would definitely be called better. On the second point 2 more players on the active roster would definitely open the way for better player development and is something I would agree with 100%