Suitor Article: It's Time To End Blackouts For Good

Here is a link to a good article by Glen Suitor on the website in favour of abolishing the league policy of permitting team blackouts of CFL games:


My only comment is…DUH!!! I’ve been saying this for years. Why did we lose an entire generation of football fans?? Because for the longest time, the games weren’t televised until Labour Day AND then you had the black outs. People are inherently lazy…trust me…I’m proof. And if I can’t find a CFL game on the tube…I’ll channel surf until I find something else.

If the CFL was given a reasonable amount for its TV contract, wich has historicly been paultry compared to what the nfl get,s , Then maybe they could compensate for the lost revenue from fans staying at home, but i dont think the blackouts have the effect of making people go to the games, somehow it seems there would be more lost on the tv advertising?

It maybe time the league should look at spreading the games to other networks when the contract with tsn is over.They do a great job but if the money is there go for it.I have been hearing that the TV ratings are up so the league should use that fact to it's advantage.Being here in N.B. I do not have to worry about blackouts but I do not agree with it.Something from a pass era that should be abandoned.

Look, I've been reading some Red Patch Boys forum stuff for TFC recently and I read a very interesting comment by one poster who basically said it's all fine and dandy the MLS has the New York's, Philly's etc but that this guy thought it was important for a lots more Canadian teams in the MLS or else a totally Canadian MLS equivalent. And he's right. The CFL and all Canadian sports leagues, CIS, major junior hockey as other examples are in a bit of priviilaged position of getting some decent TV coverage not being in "the bigs" because it's Canadian with Cancon rules. And that's super IMHO. That TFC Red Patch boy understands that TFC can be gaga, gaga Toronto this and that but won't get the coverage of the CFL unless they become Canadian far more than they are now.

Point being, the CFL has to end blackouts, expose, expose, expose, it's the only way. Expose a la Canada. Some TFC Red Patch Boys understand this only too well, interesting.