Suicide Bombers should play the semi-final in Hamilton

The fans should tear down the goal posts, trash the stadium and burn Winnipeg stadium to the ground after last night's fiasco.
After being tortured for 20 years with bad teams, mediocre teams and Grey Cup losers, fans have every right to vent their frustrations.

The Suicide Bombers don't deserve another home game after last night. Get out of town and don't come back until you bring us a Grey Cup, you pathetic losers :twisted:


the bombers like to give the other team a chance to score for a full half, before they actually start trying.

Interesting how that started when Pierce was hurt and Brink had to go in...

I think that the Bombers best bet for the rest of this season is to go with Buck. However, their future (as in next year) will be to go with either Brink or Elliot.

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