Suicide Bombers boot themselves out of playoff contention

A must-win was for the taking today. Saskatchewan's QB Darian Durant was knocked to the turf and injured his hip in the 1st quarter and was unable to continue. Drew Willy, a QB with less experience than Joey Elliot took Durant's place & outperformed Elliot today--no offensive TDs for Wpg :frowning:

The Bombers were up by 1 on the Riders' 36 with 32 seconds to play. A field goal would have forced QB Willy to go 90 yards for a TD with less than 30 seconds to play; it's likely that Willy would have run out of time or thrown a Hail-Mary into a crowd of blue jerseys.

Burke's decision at the end of the game was cruel in so many ways. Burke chose not to go for a FG and trusted the punter, Mike Renaud, to pin the Riders deep with 32 seconds left. Renaud poochkicks the ball into the middle of the endzone instead of kicking it out of bounds inside the 20. The Bombers responded by playing prevent defense against a rookie QB when they sacked him almost a half-dozen times during the game.

Not only did Burke lose the game, but he lost confidence in his FG kicker Palardy and the entire Bomber defense today.

When teams play "not to lose" instead of "going for the win," they choke and lose most of the time because of their negative attitude. If Tim Burke can't find a way to believe in his own team, he should resign as head coach.

The Bombers are 2-8 and must win at least 3 more games than Edmonton or Saskatchewan (both 5-5) to prevent a crossover (unlikely). Even if the Bombers manage to win 5 more games, that leaves them at 7-11. It's not too often a CFL team is eliminated from playoff contention after only 10 games, but these are the Suicide Bombers.

Allahu Akbar!

Burke said if he had to do it again he'd kick the field goal. Rider Nation thanks Burke for the Rookie HC mistake. He's a keeper.

Did anyone else notice, during terrence edward's fumble at the start of the game, that, he fumbled before he was touched by anyone?
Edwards has played like garbage all season long. He has to be the softest player in the league. Always whining and dropping catchable passes.
He had a big drop in TSN's top 50 players, and i don't think he belongs in the top 100.

:lol: I turned back to the NFL thinking Winnipeg had this one in the bag. I'm stunned that they lost. And I'm not being sarcastic. When I saw this topic, I immediately checked the scores. :lol: Wow...

I think from 43 yards out the Bombers had a great chance to put the game away. 50+ and I could understand opting to punt the ball and even try to angle it out of bounds. An attempted field goal could have resulted in:

  1. a potential run back to within field goal range for the Roughriders or even a TD.
  2. a single which is what they ended with anyway
  3. hitting the uprights or cross bar and not going in. The Roughriders end up scrimmaging from their 25 which is worse field position than giving up a single.
  4. botched snap or blocked field goal attempt resulting in almost anything happening.
  5. field goal forcing the Roughriders to score a TD to win the game.

They should have gone for the field goal and taken their chances. Maybe the coach had more confidence in his D line that warranted or he gave Willy too little credit. Regardless, the fans in Winnipeg were stunned like most of us. It's tough to believe that a team that was in the Grey Cup just 9 months ago is sitting in the cellar of the CFL.

PALARDY missed 2 fg's earlier in the game, he makes those and the riders need a td at the end to win regardless and they wouldnt have had time so i get why they didnt kick it. but fact is... bombers tried 7 fg's, most people think they should have tried 8, even trying 7 fg's in the cfl is way too much, you're rarely to never gonna win if you have 7 or 8 fg attempts. convert 1 of those into touchdowns and its not even close. 5/7 for palardy. 1 bad miss, 1 block. not sure i would have gone for the fg either, renaud sure shanked that punt tho, they said they wanted a coffin corner and it was booted right down the middle of the field.