Suggestions needed: How do we fix this mess?

So far, our team has been terrible. Everyone's upset. So how do we fix it? Should we start Chang? Cut Shaw? Get Holmes involved more? Get our grandmothers to play because they couldn't do any worse?

What can the team do right now to improve?

This is the topic of an infinite number of threads here; why do we need another one?

start chang!

utilize holmes more,he is a great player!

start karikari at safety

get a big time O-lineman

The other threads are more specific. They are basically "we hate Maas" or things of that nature. I'm hoping we'll get some positive ideas from fans going in this one.

Here's my thought. I said it last year, but I still think it's a good one. Run the ball 40 times a game. 20 carries for Lumsden and 20 for Corey. This obviously takes a lot of dedication by the coaches. But our receivers aren't the greatest, it would wear down the defence and it would give us the edge in time of possession. Plus, we've got #0 Dickerson, line him up as a tight end, put Radlein in there as a fullback and pound on the other team. The CFL is full of teams with smaller linebackers who probably couldn't take that kind of pounding for the whole game.

You're kidding right? You expect "positive ideas" from TiCats fans a day after a SECOND consecutive thrashing? I mean TWICE now we have been taken out back for a good ole fashioned behind the shed beating and you think people have ANYTHING positive to say? Positive threads are being hijacked as we speak!

What's done is done. We can't cry over spilled milk, we have to move forward.

Another idea popped into my head. Crossing routes are basically God's gift to offences. Edmonton for one loves them and they always seem to pass for a lot of yards. We should put more of those into our offensive gameplan.

We had a perfect crossing route to Ralph last night. It was a great read, as there was no safety covering the middle of the field. If it wasn't for a shoe-string tackle, Ralph was gone for 80 yards and a TD. NOBODY was betwen him and the end zone.

Against a defence like the one the blue team utilizes, you have to "take what is given". Trying to go vertical on them is a recipe for disaster. They will give you up to 7 yards, but beyond that it is total blanket coverage.

Why we abandoned the run is beyond me. Lumsden had a great carry for about 11 yards for his first run, got stuffed on his second, got about 5 on his third (not a bad average, BTW), but after that, Moses couldn't make a gap big enough for my 8-year-old cousin to run through.

Sorry to be the comedian of this group, :oops:
this has been a worthwhile thread but

I thought I would lighten things up

nobody wanted to read this elsewhere.

cut maas...spend that $400,000 elsewhere.

I think we're set at LB and basic secondary. We need to find ourselves a safety -- either in house or via airlift/trade. Our D-Line played OK so I think we're headed in the right direction on D -- keeping in mind we had some key injuries last night.


Line - The tackles are playing alright as far as I can tell. Excellent pass blocking by them. It's the interior of the line we have to watch out for -- our guards and centre dont seem to know the meaning of the word "block." Get rid of Damion Cook and replace him with Dyakowski (i think that's how you spell his name), replace hage at C (preferably with Hudson) and get him playing guard.

We also need to run block better. Lumsden had NO HOLES to run through.


Where do we start? I think Brock Ralph played pretty decent except for the drops. He needs to work on his hands -- that should be his focus in practice. Gardner was lacklustre (but I didnt really expect him to be a difference maker) and what the hell is wrong with Curry? He needs to get open. I'm hoping we can find some speedy guys with hands otherwise WE ARE TOAST.

Use Holmes as a permanent slotback.


I'm not touching this one. Let's just say I don't like the situation.


We're fine, but RUN THE BALL MORE. We also need better blocking for the RB to even be close to effective.

FB: No complaints.


Our playcalling is about as predictable as they come. We need to go back to the I form offense a bit to help Lumsden out in the backfield. Better running plays and more of them are on the menu.


Until first NFL cuts, that is the prescription.

Take the next few games to find out who the playmakers are.

Remove those who are clear liabilities and cannot make plays.

It's called rebuilding folks: anyone who thought this would be easy is dreaming.

On offense: Chang, Lumsden, Holmes

On defence: McKay-Loescher, Moreno, Armour, Cody

Special Teams: Setta

These are your bright lights. On offense, find more ways to get Lumsden on the field with Holmes simultaneously. Get Holmes a minimum of 20 touches per game (offense and special teams).

Get Bauman in the mix ASAP.

There's a start.

5-8 wins with competitiveness is a realistic objective if our cards are played right. Scout and scour like hell to find a solid wideout and hope that Anderson pans out.

Trading Lumsden or Holmes would be idiotic, straight up.

Panic and ventilation often go hand in hand. These players have to develop. I see more effort in this squad than we've had in many years.

Until we get the receiving corps up to speed, it will be painful. Corey Holmes is an immediate upgrade as a slotback. To not use this multipurpose weapon is a complete joke, to be blunt.

I have confidence in Taaffe and his staff. Regardless of what he does with Maas next game, things will work out. Chang is winning the position battle on the field. Straight up. If Maas can get going, more power to him. I'm not holding my breath, seeing how Charlie's hook is working, neither is he.

Oski Wee Wee,

Here's my contribution:

Offensively I don't think it matters who's throwing the ball if they have no time to do it. I understand that part of the new offensive system is a zone blocking scheme that requires everyone to be on the same page (ala Denver Broncos). So I believe that Hudson getting healthy and practice, practice, practice will solve our "protection issues" as Peyton Manning would phrase it.

Now, I'm sure I'll take heat for this but it seems to me that we are underusing Corey Holmes. If he's not an intricate part of our offense, either coming out of the backfield or lining up at SB, then we should consider a trade while his value is high.

I only suggest this because we aren't using him. We really need a definative #1 receiver. I've heard mention of Jermaine Copeland's name among others. You give up something good to get something good.

On the other hand, if we start to use Holmes more effectively then it becomes a moot point.

As far as getting Lumsden more touches, I like this idea, but it gets hard to run the ball 40 times a game when you're down 25 points and showing no signs of life.

To summarize. Either use Holmes predominatly in the SB role or ship him out for a guy who's on the field for every offensive down.

A final QB note: After watching Maas stumble through another game, I have to say I'm really leaning to a baptism by fire for Chang. Give him the ball and see what happens. Maas stays on as our backup and we reevaluate the situation at year's end.

Establish the pass FIRST before the run. Tell Lumsden not to run so damn upright, hes almost standing and NEVER lowers his head or shoulders to bust threw the line. Hes great at off-tackle and screens, but hes not the gun to run up the middle. Get Cook ooff this team, his feet are too slow. Move Hage bck to guard (he excelled there in college) and stick Hudson at centre, where he was an all-star. Better play calling is needed. Try bringing in an offensive co-ordinator who knows how the CFL works. Working is still in the college mindset. Start Chang, hes more adept at the westcoast type offense and is more mobile that Maas. Give Holmes the ball.

One small suggestion ... DISCIPLINE ... I'm getting really tired of hearing 15 yard penalties ... esp with Anderson being the recipient!

[quote="newrabidcatfan"]One small suggestion ... DISCIPLINE ... Iit's not the special teams that have a discipline problem setta has a 4.5 second hang time my cousin with a prostecic leg could make it down field in that time.

How about starting with a TD and we'll go from there

PC45 has a good point there about the run. I said it in the "COREY HOLMES!" thread.

Why not ask Transformer. Having dealt with football worldwide and being a loyal Ticat fan, he should have some wonderful suggestions.