suggestions for the CBC

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CBC's Elliotte Friedman hit the proverbial nail on the head last night in summing up the day's football action.

"After a rough season, the Canadian Football League needed this," Friedman said after a day that provided something that's been in short supply this season: exciting games. With a year dominated by crummy football, it's not hard to see why TV ratings were down.

Inspired by two thrilling semifinals, and the likes of Toronto and Vancouver in the division finals next Sunday, big audiences are assured. So this is a perfect time to make a few suggestions on how CBC can improve its coverage.

That's not to say the people's network didn't do a great job yesterday, because it did. Both analysts Darren Flutie and Chris Walby were sharp and announcers Mark Lee and Steve Armitage had good days. But it all could be better.

Here's how:

That field goal graphic that shows kicking accuracy from various distances is great. Why was it used only once yesterday?

Get more work for Flutie. He does a great job analyzing the game, even if he can't pronounce some names properly: Malbrough was Marlborough and Steinauer was Steinhower.

Encourage Walby to leave the comedy act at home. When he concentrates on the game instead of trying to be a cross between John Madden and Don Cherry, he's pretty good. Yesterday, for example, he pointed out that Saskatchewan's focus on containing Henry Burris gave the Calgary quarterback too much time to find receivers.

Use the on-screen clock more often, especially in the last three minutes. You'd think CBC is renting the thing and trying to save money.

Focus on the big stories. During the East semifinal, little was made of the fact that Argo receiver Arland Bruce was not being used enough. And there was no mention at all of Gainer the Gopher in the West game.

Do all playoff games in high definition. These are big events and deserve it.

Encourage studio analyst Sean Millington to take a remedial English course. Millington makes the strongest statements on the CBC panel, but too often makes unintelligible ones. Yesterday, he referred to Toronto as "the largest per capita area in Canada."

The HD product is visually stunning, but the sound is minor league. Sound on NFL games makes you feel like you're on the sidelines. With CBC, you feel like you're in the parking lot.

Make sure those sponsored features, like the game notes, are saved for dead time. Argo Noel Prefontaine's crucial 20-yard punt late in the game was all but ignored because the game notes took precedence.

Remind Lee that not every play is the most important in the history of football.

Also, inform Lee and Walby that microphones reduce the need to shout.

Swallow your pride and bring back Don Wittman. He's still the best football announcer in this country.

Make sure the sideline reporters always wish their interview subjects good luck. It's so reassuringly Canadian.

Other than Ban the CBC from carrying CFL games...Get the Freaking camera's out of there faces for once... panning the sidelines showing players giving the camera a "Hi Mom!!" is fine... but when they leave it in the guys face expecting an epic monologue is bush league coverage reserved for WWF wrestling.

Even Ricky Williams squirted water at the camera man for hounding him.

Hey wait!!! maybe the camera man can sue him for assault!!!...LMAO

I , for one , was glad that there was no mention of Gainergate in the Western Semi-final yesterday. It was all about the game, which is the way it should be. Lee and Walby are still the worst two announcers in football, they should turf them both. CBC made a huge mistake in letting Cuthbert go, he is clearly the best play-by-play guy for the CFL at either network. Flutie is just a bore , you fall asleep when you hear his voice.

i hate flutie......boooorrriiinnnngggg

Flutie is just a bore , you fall asleep when you hear his voice.
its not flutie, its your meds kicking in :twisted:

It would be nice if Flutie had a little more of an excited personality, but I have no problem with the way he is. Not everybody can be howie meeker

I would love to see a permanant cable cam in all the stadiums

that would be cool.

anyone else find the turf at the rogers center looks like crap? its all patchy and not even green...more of a grey

..its more noticable especially when the stamps game was on right after the argo game?...they have green turf without the patches....BC place is patchy too.

The Rogers Centre turf is formed by a bunch of square patches of turf. This is because they're always taking it off and putting it back in.

The "grass" isn't even the same length on each square patch. On some it is a couple of centimetres, on others it is almost nonexistant.

well the stamps turf is brand new I dont know how old toronto's is but I do know that BC bought the old turf from the big O

the toronto turf is only in its second year, cuz its the stuff the bluejays bought last year.

the argos should buy thier own turf and stop sharing the stuff the jays use...then the argos can get quality FOOTBALL turf, like some of the nicer stuff ive seen in some NFL stadiums.

Football fieldturf is the same as baseball fieldturf.

Toronto fieldturf looks the way it does because of it being removed and put back.

Suggestions for the CBC ? Let TSN cover all the games including the Grey Cup and CBC, kindly get out of the way. :lol:

BC Place turf is the old stuff from the Big O.

but, if the argos had thier OWN turf, which was used exclusivly for the football configurations and cut in strips, instead of baseball-patches, wouldnt that make a difference?

Ideally, you would have one, uniform carpet.

That's impossible at the Rogers Centre.

theres a US college football game being played at the rogers center in february...i'll be interested to see what turf they use for that?...the same crap the argos use or different stuff.

The same crap I bet.

That game will be crap. Eery seat will be uncovered, no decoration like for Argo games. Only 20,000 people, with no passion because of no crowd favourite. Add the fact that its 4 down rules + college talent and you get a nightmare.

the game will be a disaster and the toronto media will act like it was a sold-out superbowl, knowing they gave away 40,000 tickets for free.

Yes, I'm sure they will put a positive spin on it.

Like "all in all, the first ever International Bowl was a huge success!"