Suggestions For Next Weeks Ticat Game Promotion?

I have a few. I think that the first 5,000 fans should receive:

  1. The chance to make the starting line up


  1. The chance to vote out 1 member of the team for each of the remaining games (so many to choose)


  1. The ability to coach the Ticat fantasy team.


  1. A complete set of Ticat bobble head dolls to perform voodoo on!

What are you suggestions? (And Paper Bags For Our Heads Don't Count Because Everyone Will Bring Their Own Anyway!)

make number 2 and/or coach and you'd have a mad rush for the turnstiles. Better yet make it the first 20,000 fans and I'll bet we'd get exactly the same result

My suggestion:

  1. a three hour supply of Nitrous Oxide

  2. reciepts for charitable donations for the face value of the ticket.

Probably won't have 20,000 at the next game.
The Argos are getting stronger and fans (the one's left) don't want to see the Ticats get beat by the Argos.

With a likely sellout I expect to see 25000 real people in the stands. I'll likely leave at halftime like the past 3 games if I use my ticket

a) A video of the Cats in action when we had some pride
b) Gift certificates for free enimas to get it out of our system
c) A free lineup card with all new unrecognizable names
d) rose coloured glasses
e) a free hotdog so we would all come away a weiner
f) an eyepatch so nobody can see the lack of team depth

Best promotion would be to give a prize to the Ti-Cat fan who stays until the end of the game, all others will be at home by then.

Send the team to Halifax next year. Maybe the sea air will clear their heads.

Only would have needed 2,000 giveaways last night

Yea cause the biggest "GIVE AWAY" of the night was the GAME itself...pretty sad when even your coach says the team has no PRIDE

First 5,000 get a brown paper bag with two eyeholes, and you can turn it around if you don’t like what you see.

the first 10,000 get a pair of season tickets for next year
its the only way you'll see me there next year