Charlie Taaffe

don't be surprised to see THE DON for the head coaching job for next season.. :rockin:

I realize he was the OC in Montreal Crash ,otherwise Mathews wouldnt of had a job now would he ??

Jamie Baressi was supposed to be a breath of fresh air wasnt he ??

My Top Choices:

  1. Don Matthews
  2. Charlie Taaffe
  3. Rich Stubler

If we get anyone other than these guys we are playing with fire.

1.Charlie Taffe
2.Tom Clements
3.Danny Maciocia when he gets cut loose.
Maybe he can get Jason Maas where we need him to be.

The first requirement for any new head coach here is that he is tough and doesn't put up with any B.S. that our beloved players seem to be piling up game after game.

We need a leader and motivator who can get and DEMAND the best from our players.

Interesting update on the "Don" today. Radio said that he left the Als due to "stress and anxiety". Are we talking about the same person here??!! I liked the guy because he was stern and had his players motivated BUT... it seemed like a player letdown that got him his "medical release" a.k.a. way to save face in spite of a contract extension.

I would like to see Charlie Taafe here.

Am i missing something?

Charlie Taaffe was the head coach in Montreal, and his OC was Charlie Taaffe... he did both jobs, then he resigned. Rust then Popp finally Matthews took over for Taaffe.

What does Matthews have to do with Taaffe?

yeah that post had me puzzled too

If I could have any coach I would take Sam Wyche or Mike Ditka. If you want intensity Ditka would be the guy. However, that's probably not going to happen. Too bad, could you imagine Ditka on the sidelines at Ivor Wynne?

Everyone keeps saying Charlie Taaffe but there have been very few names bounced around.
I'm thinking the Cats may hire someone we have never even thought of.

I can't see Matt Dunigan as he only has a limited amount of head coaching experience. The other Greg Marshall or Kent Austin are still unproven as a head coach so I can't see them either.

There are a lot of talented football coaches out there the Cats have to find one that fits into the system they want to develop.

I wouldn't be surprised if they brought in a defensive specialist to be the head coach. Defense wins championships as long as the offence can score a couple touchdowns a game.

But Reinbold was crazy enough to blitz eleven defensive players every down; maybe he's crazy enough to leave his plush job in Europe and come slum it in Hamilton a while.

Danny Barrett

Unless there is someone lurking in the background with CFL experience that we have not heard about yet, my suggestion is Greg Marshall (the other)in Winnipeg.
He seems like a no-nonsense guy, well respected and is ready for a move up to a Head Coaching job. He is still young enough to grow.
If not Marshall, then Charlie Taafe or Jacques Chapdelaine would fill the bill too.
This talk about Don Matthews is nonsense. Sure the guy has done very well over the years but he is pushing 68 and has some kind of medical problem. If that is not enough, his relationship with the media is pitiful. He hates reporters. We need a coach who is good at PR and can deal with the media on a friendly basis.

Top 5 Plus one Long Shot would be

(1)Charlie Taafe
(2)Jacques Chapdelaine
(3)Steve Buratto
(4)Wally Bono
(5)Dave Ritchie
(6)My Long Shot Coach would be Steve Mariucci(Formally the head coach for the 49ers & Lions)Question With Steve is could he Adjust to the CFL Game?

Jeff Tedford!!!

I couldn't agree more. but good luck getting him away from Cal. U.S college coaches have it made.He gets nothing short of rave reviews down there.

Jeff Tedford would be a tremendous choice, Figment. Persuading him to become the Ticat head coach would be a formidable challenge though. Tedford has certainly travelled a glorious path since his days as a Ticat backup quarterback in the mid-1980s. He receives a fabulous salary and enjoys a very positive public profile as the head coach of the football team at University of California. Occasionally, his name also comes up as a potential NFL head coaching candidate. Nonetheless, there is nothing for the new Ticat GM to lose by exploring the Tedford option.