I have been wondering what our team can do to turn things around. Lots of suggestions have been made by others here and I won't repeat them. So here's a new one, just a little wrinkle or two that might be worth looking at.

Kai Ellis has basically been missing in action at MLB this year. Last year I thought he was good, and then in the Grey Cup he played the game of his life, he was positively dominant. This year, nothing.

It has been suggested that the absence of Philion is the reason, and that because Claybrooks and Romero are no Ed Philions, Ellis is getting blocked out at the point of attack. Maybe.

However, Ellis can also play end and we have just released Truluck. So how's this for an idea.

Shift Ellis to end, he can platoon with Kashama. When Strickland returns, he takes his spot back, Hill stays at the other OLB spot (he looked competent I thought) and we try Diamond Ferri at MLB.

I know size is problematic here, but Ferri plays with reckless abandon and enthusiasm, and maybe that's what we need at MLB just now.

Just a thought, what do you other Als' fans think?

I like the idea. For sure, Ferri's enthusiasm and energy could probably make up for his smaller size. Most running backs in the CFL are somewhat small but quick. A smaller but faster player at MLB sounds like a good idea.

Don't know if you noticed, but Louis Mackey is back on the practice roster. If he's activated, it gives the Als a ton of options. For one, he could play inside freeing Ellis to line up at DE. He might even be able to line up in Ferri's spot in the event they want to move Ferri inside.

My bet is it'll be really interesting from now until the bye while they work these kinks out.

They don't have till the bye to work things out JB.

If the Als lose this back to back with the Argos and fall to 1-5. They will probably have to go 9 and 3 the rest of the way with trips out West remaining to avert a crossover from one of the west division teams. The Als season is going to be determined by the next two games IMO.

If the season ended today they would be out!

I think that's right, the next two games with Toronto are crucial. Good timing for us with all our injuries that the Argos are also banged up. We need these 2 wins, and no better time to get them than with a team missing its starting QB and going with a stiff (McMahon) or a relic (Allen). Lose these 2 games and heads will have to roll.

MadJack, your idea is intriguing, but I just don't think Ferri has the size to be an effective MLB. The outside positions are SAM positions nowadays, with lots of converted DBs (like Strickland) manning the positions. But the middle linebacker's primary responsibility is to stop the run, so he needs to be big and strong.

I know, discipline, his small size is the biggest argument against the idea. Has the heart of a lion, though......

Argos don’t have the best of running game, so if they are going to try Ferri in the middle this would be a good time to try it. If he can’t handle Johnson he’s not gonna contain Reynolds.