[SUGGESTION] The Ottawa Lawbringers

Hello CFL forums,

I'm just a 20 year old Carleton student, born and raised in Ottawa, and I'm eager to see football brought back to the city with both the CFL and also the Ravens (Gee-Gees don't count :stuck_out_tongue: )! And while I love the history of the Rough Riders, it looks like we need to let that name go no matter how painful it feels.

The CFL has some great franchise names that are unique and have a strong history with each city from the Stampede, to the Alouettes, to the Blue Bombers, and everything in between. So I think the two important factors for a great name are how powerful it feels, and how it ties into the background of the city. Which I don't feel that the Renegades name could ever achieve. Ottawa is the capital city where the federal laws are created, so I feel that the Ottawa Lawbringers would be a solid choice. There is so much creative potential that the team, and of course the fans, could use with this name. I can vividly picture a defensive line setting up and at the snap all you hear is "HERE COMES THE LAW!" followed by a sack. Or, barring any copyright issues of course, I can picture the crowd mocking the visiting team by chanting "I fought the law, and the law won!" after each Ottawa touchdown. And it is also just fun to say. Plus it meshes nicely with the Ottawa Senators.

Now I'm obviously no graphic designer but this is an idea of what I think the helmet could look like http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/840/lawbringerhelmet.png/

What are your opinions? You guys also feelin' the vision of the long arm of the law bringing the pain to the rest of Canada?

I assume you are a first year law student?

Haha no, 3rd year Entrepreneurship.

Welcome Lawbringer, and GO RAVENS (Carleton is my alma mater).

I like the name, but I also like "Lawmen."

I personally would like to see a name that at least gives a tip of the hat to French, but I'll be happy with whichever name is chosen as long as it's not Rough Riders.

Yeah, including french in someway would definitely be a nice touch, but makes it more difficult to find a name that both sides would be crazy about.

It might as well not be viewed as a road block, since in several years no one has come up with a name that either side is crazy about in either official language anyway.

That an excellent name rpaege.
LawBringer didn't quite sound right, although Lawmen seems more appropo

The Ottawa Lawmen. I like the ring to it. I was thinking of the Ottawa Lawlers, although like your take much better.

And the logo that Lawbringer made is succint and simple as how a logo should appear. Good job.
It needs line clarity although structurally, it is great and should be submitted to the proper departments for consideration.`

Not bad but not exciting enough, maybe OutLaws would be more of an exciting name. Retains the Rough Rider/Renegade connection. In fact the more I say it the more I like it the - Ottawa Outlaws

Outlaws is even better!

yep. even better mike! :thup:

And the fact that both words start with "O" is also a plus.

Ottawa Outlaws....love it!

Thanks! I just threw it together in MS paint so it's pretty low quality :stuck_out_tongue: . What would the proper departments be for submitting an idea? And I do like the sound of the Ottawa Outlaws, granted it's a bit ironic due to Ottawa being a government city. But it does fit with the Rough Riders and Renegades.

There was a newspaper story a little while about how they're going to ask for suggestions. Just keep your ear to the ground.