Suggestion Rule Change: Modification to the Rouge

I don't hate the suggestion. It's not a huge deal to me one way or the other . . . except that I'd hate to see a defense rewarded with free yardage for failing to protect its goal. So to me if a ball kicked through the endzone does not count as a score, then the defending/receiving team should not get much if any free yardage when they scrimmage.

You're right about that but I was only refering to kicking situations.

Not sure about the drop kick though.

We don't need a compromise. The rule is fine. Changing it would only break it.

Good thing you weren't around when someone recommended the forward pass. :wink:

The forward pass progressed the game. Changing the rouge would REgress it. Big difference.

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I have to disagree. I think it has the potential to improve the game by either creating the potential of more returns or changing the type of play is selected, punt vs. field goal vs. going for a TD when in close and at the end of the game. This is similar to the change making punts straight out of bounds between the 20s illegal.

That was a bad rule too. It did nothing to help encourage returns. All it does is penalize the punter when he shanks one now and then. Punting out of bounds was never that much of a problem before the rule. It was brought in because Adam Rita had a returner named Bashir Levingston that opponents liked to kick away from. Rita whined and whined about punts going out of bounds (that weren't very often going out) but they were boxing in Levingston like they still try to do to everyone today. After a couple of years of whining the league finally said 'sheesh okay fiiiine!' and changed the rule for him. Then Levingston was released and we were stuck with the dumb rule.

Play selection at the end of the game is fine the way it is. We have TONS of exciting finishes. All these little rule tweaks that people come up with to 'make the game more exciting' just makes me wonder why they watch football at all if they think it is so unexciting.

But if you think of a rule change that improves the game without wrecking its basic tenets I would definitely consider it and probably be for it. I am NOT a traditionalist in that sense. But some things shouldn't be messed with. Don't mess with the rouge, don't mess with the safety touch. You'll break the game. It's like trying to fix your own hard drive out in the dusty woodshop and take it apart with a screwdriver and a vise grip by yourself and put it back together just to see if you can make it spin faster. You'll break it. Same thing.

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I will say the current implementation of the punt out of bounds rule is not as good as the initial implementation which was that the 10-yard penalty was applied to the line of scrimmage and a repeat of down. That way the receiving team could choose to take the ball where it went out or a re-kick.


Every sports league has changes nearly every year
The game we watch would be unrecognizable to our grandparents

But we try to change to what we think is better
Copying other leagues will never make purists happy

If teams don't want to give a point then they need to return the kick or kick the ball out of the endzone.

Not exactly true for kicking situations either
If I try an field goal or punt it and you are tackled or take a knee in the endzone, you touched it last

How does it create more returns?
You want to eliminate the point if the ball goes out with out a chance to return it? How does that create more returns?

And they changed it because it was dumb. 99% of the time the ball went out because the punt was shanked! The receiving team never took the penalty because they prefer a 15 yard punt to a 50 yard punt from 10 yards back

And the video you showed would never happen if there was no point for going straight out, the returner would have just let it go without trying to keep it in

If the rouge is changed as suggested, only awarded for a ball in bounds in the end zone, then it really does become a point for a missed FG, doesn’t it?

No because there would be no point for a missed field goal what was run out or hit the post

A prelude to a touchback perhaps.

I was actually defending the rouge as is. It was for the people that wanted to get of rouge.

I understand that. so was I
I was pointing out how the way it is now is better

As as the rouge stays I good with it.

me too