Suggestion Rule Change: Modification to the Rouge

Probably one of the reasons I rarely follow hockey is because of shootouts and the red line taken out of hockey and getting rid of the touch up icing rule.

Hybrid icing doesn't excite me.

I'm not suggesting to get rid of the rouge, just make it so for it to be awarded the returning team must have a chance to return it, they can still concede in the endzone, or let it bounce out. Just that it needs to be able to be returned to be awarded.

I understand that, my point is why?

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I don't think it would effect the field goals much if at all, except in the case of a close in "shank" (i.e. 2004 CFL Western Final OT - November 14, 2004 @ BC Place Stadium - YouTube [sorry just had to add this one :grinning:]) or a tip. But in the case of punts it would require the kicker to be a bit more precise and prevent a team from just kicking it through the end zone on a final play. For example this adaptation could lead to more of this: CFL Montreal at Toronto - Wild Ending - October 29, 2010 - YouTube
Now imagine if Montreal been 5 yards closer. Under the current rules it would have sailed straight out of bounds and we wouldn't have gotten one of the most exciting plays in football. With the adapted rule he would have to adjust his kick to ensure it landed inbounds and the play is on.

Had it been 5 yards closer it would have sailed out the back regardless as to whether or not a point was awarded and changed nothing
If it was your way the retuner would not have tried to keep it in to avoid the point and then we would not have had the exciting ending
and again
The kicker is not going to kick it softer to make sure it stays in if he misses!

They can adjust the trajectory of a kick. I once went to a Lions game in Winnipeg and McCallum purposely pooch kicked the points after to target a bunch of us Lions fans in the endzone. So it is definitely possible. Would he do that in this scenario? Admittedly probably not, but the point is still valid in a situation where they are punting.

What do you suggest should happen when a missed FG does sail out the back of the endzone?

Strange, he targeting BC with a gift of a souvenir game football??

You’re right...I think it’s more of an American ideal though.
They’re not big on tie games down there.

Same here....but I do like that synchronized diving.

…embed a c4 explosive device inside the ball with a boundary sensor to activate detonation…


OT in hockey is a very recent phenomenon
1942 to 1984 there was no OT at all

3 point games (OT losses) did not exist before 2000

Shootouts are even more recent (and stupid imo)
Did not begin until the 2006 season

As for the premise of a winner that really is quite simple
Every league has had a tie at one point and every league had existing tie breakers (eg points for or head to head record)

I think this is what people have the issue with the rouge; Americans in particular refer to getting a point for missing a field goal

Punting (kicking) in a rouge would have less issue I suspect for most people

I personally am neutral; I don't think many games are decided on a rouge so I can't understand the aversion (beyond optics) to it

People here refer to it as that

Not really it was a Lions blow out and we were on a Team Trip where we were on the same charter as the team. This was 2012.

In the case where the returning team has no ability to return then no extra point and the ball is scrimmage on the 20-yard line.

Its the 35 now
No point penalizes
the kicking team for getting to close?

I honestly didn't have a problem with the old format they had from 1984 to 2000.

Did having a shootout increase the profile in the US? Not sure if it made a difference.

For a time restricted and condensed format like the Olympics I can live with the idea of a shootout to get a result but not for a big time pro league like the NHL.

one point I want to make, hopefully it lands inbounds, is that suggesting a slight change to the rouge has absolutely nothing to do with "americanizing".

Some people are much too afraid of the NFL.

That's too much free yardage for my tastes.

As ro1313 points out, that would, in effect, penalize teams for getting close enough to kick the ball through the endzone.

If they make the change to the rouge only counting if it lands in the endzone, I'd make the outcome be either a 10 yards penalty and replay the down or the receiving/defending team scrimmages from the 1-yard line. Or maybe the 5-yard line.