Suggestion on Video Game/All Star Game

Ok I know there have been many threads on a video game but bear with me. My suggestion is basically to create a loose affiliation with the UFL. Now after you stop laughing, the UFL is starting up it's second year and if it makes it thru the second year it may just stick around for a while. If it does I would suggest if the 2 leagues team up and approach a video game manufacturer to get a game made. Perhaps with 9 Canadian teams and atleast 5 or 6 American (UFL) teams (they do plan on expanding to a 12 team league I believe) a video game manufacturer may be more apt to design a game then just a game with Canadian teams. Could be called Pro Football 2011 or Major League Football 2011. In Canada the cover would be a CFL star, in the U.S maybe have a UFL star (if there is such thing...maybe Jeff Garcia) The 2 leagues could also work together as far as cross-marketing and maybe even an all star game of CFL versus UFL allstars with half the game in Canadian rules and the other half in American rules. I realize the UFL is still seen as a joke by some but they seem to be doing their homework. I don't fear the UFL and I also in no way think there should be any type of merger or something like that. This is our league and our rules. We play our schedule and they play their schedule with their rules. The UFL may die out after a few years but in the mean time if they can help the CFL in the ways I listed above, what could it hurt to explore that relationship?

Why not include the LFL as well?