Suggestion - no ticket over $50.00

Read the following:

"Bills individual game tickets remain among the NFL's lowest-priced at $27 to $47."

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If this is the case, then it is interesting that the Cats actually have some higher priced seats than the Bills do. I suggest we should not have a ticket over $50.00 as well, I think that this is a big factor why the Bills are close to sold-out for their first 4 games.

Funny, I think that article was wrong. If you look at the official site,

the ticket prices range from $36 (family section) - $58 . Ticats are still the much better deal!

Thanks sec29guy for the research. Another example of the media pretending to know it all and tell the truth.

Well yeah, it's the TI-CATS! :slight_smile:

This is a terrible suggestion and here's why: In 2003, the team averaged about 11,000 paying customers per game.
Since then they've increased ticket prices by 30% and have more than doubled paid attendence.
At this rate we only have to increase ticket prices by another 15% or so to sell out every game! :wink:

More seriously - we want to keep Ticat games affordable for our fans on a budget, but yet raise enough revenue to recruit championship caliber players.

The trick is to keep prices affordable for many seats while charging as much as the market will bear for our very best seats.

Caretaker wrote:

The trick is to keep prices affordable for many seats while charging as much as the market will bear for our very best seats.
Really does make a lot of sense Caretaker with putting it this way. And the Bills can afford to do keep their prices low, which they see as a must in their market, in comparison to other NFL teams with the TV monies they get. Although this is one of the problems the NFL is experiencing with some small market teams not contributing to the pie as much as the large market teams but getting back more than what some perceive as their fair share.
The trick is to keep prices affordable for many seats while charging as much as the market will bear for our very best seats.
Some people forget that even the best seats have been offered at an extreme discount for the past three's why:

Any purchase of an adult seat at, let's say, the 45 yard line automatically qualified you to purchase 2 adjoining Youth seats at $99 eah per for a Dad on a limited budget wanting to take his two kids to the games all year, this was a great gift from the team to help him do that...and the total price was locked in for three years!

In particular, it helped me huge this year as my business revenues took a hit due to the Caledonia crisis (half my identified market is in that region), yeah, it was cutting it close but that deal helped me keep my kids attending games this year......(and I'm appreciative on their behalf)

Sure, prices will probably increase next year but what can you expect after a Grey Cup win?..... :wink:

...and I plan on being filthy rich by next year so it won't be a problem.... :stuck_out_tongue:

(and don't you dare count us out yet!).....good things can happen ya know!

Sorry but that honestly sounds like the plan is to just keep jacking up the cost of premium seating until the current seat holder can't afford it anymore.
The traditions club is a great idea and if it's continued after this year I'm sure you'll see a lot of renewals but if the traditions club gets cancelled and the price takes a drastic jump I'd expect to see a lot of cancellations.
I'm not a financial wiz but when you find out how much the market will bear won't it be because too many people are telling the account execs they're not going to renew?

Maybe there is a waiting list for the premium seating though or could be a waiting list for this, even if the cost of these seats keep going up. Then, supply and demand economics, the seats will sell.
But I don't think we will see drastic jumps in prices in the less then premium seating, perhaps a modest increase but there are many more of these seats than premium ones.

I agree that supply and demand will dictate costs but anyone currently on a waiting list
asked to be put there based on this years rates. Raise them more than what most would feel is reasonable and don't make the same offer the previous seat holder had, (traditions club) and even the waiting list will change.

I really don't expect a huge jump in the premuims either, nothing unmanagable anyway.
After a 3 year price freeze it would have to be an awful lot before fans had a right to complain but I do still think it's unfair to raise them as high as possible based soley on the fact that someone else will pay more.
I'm not concerned about our current costs and they have a long way to go before Im tapped out or throw in the towel but the when the man who sets the prices says he wants to see just how much I'll pay it does set off an alarm or two.

As was said earlier, the NFL TV revenues are in the neighbourhood of $1 Billion. Each team receives around $50M from the TV contract, so if a team keeps players salaries fairly low, and can attract 80,000 fans to a game they can keep the tickets cheap.

I don't mind paying $50 plus for a CFL ticket, I love football even if the team is losing. I'm sure there are other fans like me. The CFL gets peanuts from TV contracts therefore they must also try to get advertising and coporate sponsorhip and charge a higher price for

I just love it when non-business owners offer unsolicited business advice to our beloved Caretaker (and very successful business person). If your advice is so good then why not buy your own CFL team and practice it all day long. We'll see how long you stay in business.

Hey Ockham, am I not allowed to make any suggestion at all? I'm not pretending to be any business guru at all and don't work in business and I'm always ready, willing and able to take constructive criticism at any time, but I can read and I have a right to make a suggestion or two, as humble and ignorant as these may be.
I am a season ticket holder BTW and committed for 3 years for 2 season tickets for about $800 per year. And I plan on renewing this year after the traditions thing is over, regardless of if they continue the traditions thing or not. So I am putting money down on the Cats and I think I'm allowed an opinion or two along the way with rebuttals welcome.
What do you think my friend?