Suggestion from a BC FAN--

Please Ritchie Hall stop with the washed up veterans on this team and start some youngsters who can actually make a play on defense—

I was at the game last year when Edmonton came to town to play BC–

Edmonton was mixing players in and out of the lineup, 2 players that i was impressed with were bradley Robinson and Tristan Jackson at corner–

Brad Robinson was shutting down Paris jackson and was really fast and quick, he can cover people–

Kelly Malveaux cannot cover anymore, he gets abused by good receiers as did BUHL–

Kai Ellis has not done anything in years in the CFL–

Richardson is way too small to play safety- he has no range and is too small–

Tristan jackson came in and played some corner in last years game and to me looked really fast on teh corner and athletic, he made a nice rejection on a throw–
I dont know why they havent used him as a corner–

Start putting some guys that can run on Defense and can make plays–

At least Robinson and Jackson are playmakers-

You know, I was kind of wondering what others thought of Kelly Malveaux. I remember in one game (I think it was the Saskatchewan game), the opposing team went for the 2-point convert, and Kelly just looked lost on the play. He went running into the endzone, and then turned around to see the guy he was supposed to be covering catch the ball.

While I was watching the highlights for tonight's game, it looked like he was beaten a couple times by Copeland.

Winnipeg got rid of him because he couldn't cover anymore, and winnipeg got new young db's from the states.
Malveaux has the name but you are right he was getting burned in the SASK game by Fantuz and Clermont also in that game.
He can't cover a deep ball.

The problem on this Defense is that no player really catches your eyes? There is a problem with talent for sure. I don't even know if there is one player who has had a dominating performance on Defense this season-

They are really going to be in trouble if they dont find better pass rushers or some db's that can actually make plays when the ball is in the air--

The Edmonton D is basically composed of Veterans that other teams didnt want, Malveaux, Romero, Gordon, ---

They are better off to play the best athletes rather than the guys now who just make no plays--

It is clear that this Defense has no playmakers--

Did edmonton cut Copeland at one point or piss him off? Cause Copeland certainly burns Edmonton really bad every time they play-

But the thing is Copeland is good, but he is not super fast, so as a DB how is it, that they are completely turned around by Copeland even though he does nothing special, just runs deep and the ball is thrown deep and Copeland locates the ball while the DB is lost-

4th and 10 at Edmonton late in the game, Burris threw a jump ball to Copeland who caught it because BUHL was not looking again at at the ball--

Its clear that the current D is not good, they need to replace guys fast, this could be one of the worst defenses in the CFL--

Toronto, WInny, CGy, hamilton, Sask , MOntreal all have better Defenses than EDMONTON, maybe they are better than BC which does not say much--

It's funny you say that, because I believe I made a similar comment this season. We seem to sign all these all-star defensive players, and yet our defence still sucks.

So either these guys are washed up, as you say, or we're not using them properly. Either way, we have a big problem on defence.

Its pretty clear what is happening--

Look at the offensive scouting..

They brought in Kelly Campbell, Maurice Mann, Rector, Whitlock, Ephraim Hill, all within the last 2 years----

So they obviously have brought in great offensive players including Ricky Ray and Zabranski who is also good--

ON Defense they have not brought players with talent like they have above. Even the young ones they have will never see the field as it seems HALL likes the Veterans and doesent like young players--

I believe Hall does not play the best players, you mean to tell me if Malveaux was cut, any team would pick him up? How about Kai Ellis? How about Richardson, could he start for another team at safety???

Today is was plain and obvious look at CGY defense, at least their players are fast and Strong, you can teach them how to be in the right positions to make plays---

Edmonton Defense is clearly just not good, where is Rashad Jeanty? Montex Murphy, Montford, remember the days of Donnie Brady and Shannon Garrett---

What has happened is that Edmonton has always used veterans and after their Grey Cup win of 2005 they have basically none of that Defense in tact from that season. They didnt play young players ever and just relies on free agents to build a Defense with essentially washed up players- They may have the experience adn smarts, but they are far too slow to play in the CFL--

They need to rebuild now, play anyone who is Young and can RUN and is hungry--

Burris does not look good vs any other CFL team but when he plays EDMONTON he looks like the best ever, Lewis and Copeland go absolutely nuts, imagine if RAMBO was playing- Rambo would catch for 200 yards easily on this Defense--

TJ Hill is another player who is undersized and was cut by MTL, of course we are there to pick him up alos in Edmonton, just like we picked up KAI ELLIS and ROMERO from Montreal. If tehse players are not good enough to make MONTREAL then why is Edmonton picking them up?

Start wtih using Brad Robinson in the secondary and Tristan Jackson at corner, he is money on the corner--

Also consider using someone else at safety, hurry back Gordon, he is physical and can hit, I think he will help this Defense a lot, he can blitz and sack the QB and is good at hitting people---

BRing in 2 NFL cuts at pass rush and send Kai Ellis and Peach away--

Your right about a lot of things here but I kinda like Peach and Remero hasn't played that badly I think he has probably been their best Lineman this year (which I know is not saying much ) maybe we could trade a couple of our receivers for a couple of legitimate Pass rushers or better DB's . Besides RR could make any Receiver look like an all-star.

I doubt it they trade Kamau, Stamps or MANN, I think they are untouchable at this point. I could see them dealing one of Rector or Ephraim HIll who looked really good also this season when he played--

I think if they scout a little harder they can find good defensive players, look at what other teams are finding, Edmonton is looking only at offense. There is not one player on Defense who you say wow look at that guy where did he come from. We are a collectiion of others teams castoffs..

Even the new players we find are not spectacular, KEYES? Buhl? These guys just dont impress.. Maybe its a problem because who is ever looking at recruting defensive talent does not have a good eye for it--

Edmonton has failed to recruit any great defensive players from the states- Kitwana Jones, another castoff with mo LLOYD another castoff--

We cant rely on other teams leftovers, we need to find our own players in the states. I mean how hard can it be, when Toronto does it year in year out- They are startign 2 rookie halfbacks this season as is MOntreal---

The only good player Edmonton has recruited is Brad Robinson, and he is not starting and Maleveauz is for some reason.

malveaux is not a playmaker, he is making copeland look like randy moss out there.

Edmonton cannot blitz, every time they do, they fail to cover the running back out of the backfield, their little safety tony 5'5 Richardson does not block the vision of the opposing qb's. WHen we blitz the opposing qb just throws a one on one ball where the Db is turned around--

SO i agree with not blitzing with this team- they simply cannot blitz because they get burned in man to man badly--

I am thinking that Tristan Jackson, Brad Robinson, Goss, and WIlliams, you can blitz, cause these guys are all fast and atehltic and can run with receivers-- They are all athletes--

This is what the Defense has to look like--

I was even thinking of when Lumsden comes back to convert him to a Cornerback? He would be good with his speed, if not at corner I am sure he could play slotback maybe. I am not sure if he has skills to play DB, but he can be a short receiver running the short crossing route in this offense and he could turn it up for huge gains. I think they should make that change, get him in space or on Defense covering people-

I think part of the reason we're having so much trouble finding good talent on defence is because we have an idiot like Danny M. as our GM. He needs to go, and we need to replace him with someone competent.

Why management decided to keep him is beyond me. He crashed this team into the ground when he was the coach, and he's crashing them into the ground as GM. Please, Danny, for the love of Christ, go away!!! :?

Yeah Machachi is not a good talent finder at all. Apparently his son was on some junior team that played in some world football junior championships. It was there he noticed safety Elliot Richardson playing.

He must have been good for sure in that leauge, but he is only 5'6 tall and not really the force you need as a SAFETY--

I am not sure what machochi is thinking that Richardson is some hidden gem at safety. Imagine a guy like Kyries Hebert playing safety in Winnipeg a few years back and Shabbaz playing safety last year, and now look waht we have--

Richardson is just nowhere near any plays, he is not making any plays at all.

Also who brought BUHL into town, he couldnt cover anyone, it seems like a common theme in the CFL, where some guys get recruited from the states and play 2 seasons and then you never hear from them again-- Buhl is one of them---

Replacing Donny Brady and Shannon Garrett was Machochas problem and he has not done that. Bringing In BUHL and Malveaux is a complete joke. You just cannot rely on those guys to replace them--

Esks better get more focussed on getting players for the defense as they seriously are in need of help my friends---

Talk to Toronto, maybe look for a MAAS, and Rector or Nowacki or HIll trade for Byron parker and JOhnathan Brown or one of thier pass rushers who are good---

Then send Malveaux packing, they already got rid of Buhl.