Suggestion For The Pigskin Pete Tryouts.

Why not have the prospects go out on the field all by themselves and, without assistance from the announcer or any of the event staff, see if they can do the chant?

If the crowd laughs or boos the person, then that person was never meant to do the job. But, if they pull it off, then let that person do it again sometime until a final decision is made.

As it is right now, it's hard to tell if any one is doing a good job as there are 2 prospects, the event staff, and the announcer all doing the chant at the same time.

Big Ang did it the best so far this year...

[url=] ... 909#272909[/url]

The above link is the thread which took off when the news about what the team planned to do with the Pete mascot this year came out.

I have called for a tryout run by the club:

  1. a write-in contest of "Why I want to be Pete/Petunia"
  2. a manageable number of selected candidates from that would square off in a tryout to get to a final number (2-10 perhaps) not unlike the process that the cheer team goes through to select their members;
  3. A final contest could be celebrity judged even if the team wanted to spin some extra publicity for it, but the fact would be that the pool of candidates would have been vetted by the team first.

Anything is better than the fiasco that unfolded over the offseason. Uless a future contest for the next Pete/Petunia is done in a professional way, better for the tradition to fade into history than the current "Pigskin Jamboree" approach seen at games.

Oski Wee Wee,

I’d kinda like to see a Tiger vision production that does the cheer and can be changed from time to time. something that appeals to all ages and varys. Also Ive attended NFL games from Tampa Bay to Green Bay over the years and noticed that they all had a cheer that was musically enhanced to encourage fans to join in, they drive these sounds into the fans heads and before you know it you participate without even realizing. To this day in my mind the Green Bay simple Go Pac Go cheer to music plays in my head … listen for it next time they are on your TV. Marketing has been great under Bob, and he needs to stay … but as for tradition ie Pigskin Pete, and some others to, folks its time to move on and move on fast. As older fans we have to let change take place and enjoy the new younger fan that I thank only Bob for bringing back to IWS. The “new traditions” can start now, the old is done althought it sure was a wild ride. I read these posts everyday and sence there is a struggle to hold on to what was. Well like Pigskin Pete, what was is gone, dont try to bring it back !!