Suggestion for the CFL.CA site "Live Play" featur

I couldn't find a contact link on the site and wasn't sure where to put this or send this, so here goes.

The "Live Play" feature is great, thank you for providing it, however there is one stat missing - the TIME of each play. If you could add a column for the starting time of each play that would be spectacular. Might this be possible?

Thanks very much for hearing me out.


there is a lot missing. it is so inferior to the one. I dont know why they dont just copy it. CFL game may be superior to NFL, but and the CFL head office are bush compared to the NFL counterparts.

Any chance of a reply to this thread by the site staff?

Thanks in advance!


Use this link

Click on the dropbox and select "website feedback"

I actually do read these and we are constantly striving to improve the quality of our live play....Time of possesion for every play and a play clock are at the top of my list for 2008. As well we are looking to reorganize the content to make it more legible. We will also add more stats and a separate page for the play listing...anything else you would like to see? Send me a PM....


until it equals the NFL one, it will not be good enough.


Scouting reports please.

Thank you very much for the reply and I look forward to the new features.

Some constructive criticism may be helpful, but empty complaints help no one.

Good to hear from you. More stats is always good. I love looking at stats. I also think it'd be cool if you guys could maybe add drives? Plays, yards, time etc. Not sure if that's possible or not.

its very simple. Look at See what they been doing right for yrs. Copy it. I said that yrs ago on this site, and many times.