Suggestion for Riders for next game

OK, I'm over the 13th man thing...sort of...but here's an idea for the Riders to try for their next game....

  1. On Field Captains.... take a 12-pack of Pilsner to the huddle with you.

  2. Players... if you don't get a beer, GET THE F#@& OFF THE FIELD!!!!!

LMAO. :lol:

Make sure they don't switch it up with a 15 pack...

LMFAO! Fantastic idea.

perhaps they might try only dressing 12 men for the game

works for me :wink:

so what about winnipeg? they had some counting troubles as well.

it's called a designated counter on the field..

maybe they use base 11 out in the prairies??

ya but didnt cost wpg last years grey cup or even come close to costing them against hamilton. plus wpg had 14 men on the field. cost u the grey cup and the win, eventho u got it later.. but still. cost u the win 2 x 2 x.

didnt really have much impact on the bomber game.

The Riders will be in BC for the next game, we have better beer for them than that garbage here :smiley:

LOL true that.

Actually, I’m more of a Guinness / Rickards Red / Tin Whistle Killer Bee kind of guy, but I figured Pil is what would be identifiable.