Suggestion for Online TC store.

I am not sure if this has been mentioned, but if it has I apologize but this topic has always annoyed me a little bit.

I think its about time that you off big sizes in your items, I am a big guy like a lot of hamilton from what I see at the games and I cannot fit into a 2x jersey, or 2x t-shirts (I seem to be fine in 2x hoodies so long as they are Reebok ones)

Other teams offer bigger sizes on their websites, the Riders for example...I love buying ticat merchandise and thanks to the great staff at the Ti-cat store in Center Mall I got a bigger more comfortable jersey last season. I dont mind paying more for being a fat guy I understand that more fabric is required to make a bigger product but to not offer them at all only cuts down on your potential sales.

Bigger shirts, Jerseys, Hoodies, Jackets..offer them as an option carry them in limited supply to see how it works I am sure you will not be disappointed. If it wasnt for the amazing help from the manager at Center Mall I wouldnt have my plus size home jersey something I wanted for years and could never really find.

Good point there Steeltownfan... very much requested the last few years... lets hope they go that extra mile and accomodate the plus sizes....If Sports Obsession could get some 3x and 4x sizes in things, I am sure he new Ticats can too....

Good point...after all this is football we are talking about!

Sun Tan Oil..
In Box J or that side of the Stadium
You can get Burned in Summer months

Sun Tan Oil.. In Box J or that side of Stadium You can get Burned in Summer months
this is the greatest onknight post of all time


Drew, whatchadoing in Japan?

Really just the summer months ?

I saw a lot of people getting burned all season long................


I am talking just the Fans..

I know my girlfriend has expressed interest in Tiger Cat jewelery.

Good post I need 3x for sure

Really, I'm a small guy and sometimes when I look at hoodies and stuff like that I feel like they only have 2 sizes, GIGANTIC AND GORILLA.

Orthotics, special insoles, knee and ankle braces, crutches for fans who have jumped off and will certainly jump back on the Maas bandwagon and memory boosting vitamins for those who will have mysteriously forgotten they said anything negative about the guy.

Me too. Like replica Grey Cup Championship rings.

Just testing this quote thingie.

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