Suggestion For CBC and TSN

Overall CBC and TSN do an okay job with their CFL broadcasts.

But what malady inflicts both these telecasts, and what really irks me, is when a play is in progress, but the colour man or play by play man are rambling on about something that has absolutely nothing to do with the play on the field.

HOw many times do you hear Glen Sutter or Mark Lee or Chris Walby telling stories while the play is going on? So that the play on the field becomes secondary to their rambling that nobody is listening to anyways?

To me talking over the play takes away from the game. It does nothing to enhance the action on the field, and also does nothing to inform the fan about the current game! Why somebody running these networks doesn't tell these guys to focus on the play or clam up is beyond me!

Also, why would CBC go to a sideline interview last night with a hockey player, while the game is in progress?

IF these guys want to tell stories or hold sideline interviews, cut back on the half-time panel and do it during intermission.

But during the game, the job of the play by play men should be to call the play. And keep the fan informed about the play on the field. Not try to be the star of the show. Because the game is the star of the show!

CBC is obsessed with hockey, its a garbage network funded by public taxes, its a piece of garbage, their HD is useless, their website is subpar, and having khari jones talk over the play is annoying, im glad when the broadcasts moves to TSN, i cant stand that fat guy.

Well at least they actually showed most of the game. TSN kept missing plays or showing them with such a wide angle view that even a coach could not use it to show x's and o's.

CBC takes a lot of abuse, some of which is warrented, but they generally have better camera operators and the signal quality is almost alway superior.

I agree with leeing!
TSN is constantly yapping or showing something useless while a penalty is being announced.

How their HD is useless however, is beyond me!

...sounds like king2247 has more of an issue with Walby than the cbc ....the tsn broadcast of the leos, argos game had a few errors of which, had Suitor carrying on a conversation with hands folded like a monk while a complete play was missed....a sack on Calvillo as i broadcasts or broadcasters are perfect..c'mon.. :roll:

Eh. My main gripe with the broadcasts is how they rarely show the yards/downs. During the NFL games the yards/downs is constantly displayed, but I noticed with the CFL they’ll quickly flash the yards/downs and then take it away. I say just keep it up.

CBC and TSN both got new score graphics that will display the yards/downs this year more.

Sort of on the topic, I see Danny McManus doing colour, does that mean Leif Petersen is FINALLY gone?

Yes, Leif is gone (and not missed where I am sitting). Darren Flutie is also gone from CBC (and again he's one I won't miss...his constant references to all the players by their first names as if they are all personal friends of his drove me to distraction).

I am also fed up with interviews that happen while there is a play in progress.The worst thing, however, occurs when the camera is focused on the interview and not the play. If my memory serves me right in two games last week interviews that were shown whlie the plays were in progress were conducted by a woman..IS tsn OR cbc attempting to get the female fans? 99% of football fans are males so are these networks trying out a token woman?

Apparently speaking English properly is not a job requirement at the CBC. Their panel forms sentences at a 5th grade level. And don't even want to start with Walby. That guy speaks a language all his own. Not to mention the sight of him holding a microphone. Its disgusting. Fingers pointed in all different directions.

After playing on the line for many seasons, I think any football player is happy they can move their fingers at all, nevermind getting them all in the same direction.

...possible explanation, but I'm leaning towards the fact that the microphone closely resembles a big old turkey leg and subconsciously Walby is keeping his fingers away from it lest they be devoured during the feeding melee...

Is there anyone who actually likes Walby? To be honest, I don’t mind the guy. I realize that he thinks he is John Madden, but I still prefer him to Suitor.

Both the CBC guys were very bad! Bring on the women announcers anything but the two morons. Koko the chimp will do! (Yes Ro he is not a chimp)

Good to know!

I think Walby has the right amount of "brute" to do his job. There needs to be a guy that is a little rough around the edges. Everybody Hates Walby, but i like him. Maybe only because he is one of the guys I remember most from when i was a kid.

I thought Darren Flutie was pathetic. (sorry darren)
He seemed to have absolute bias to any team that he played for. He would practically be cheering for the Lions or Ticats during his play by play!

And yes, the CBC panel is weak at best.

I don't like Millington - he can't speak a sentence without fumbling.

That skinny blonde dude beside him - acts like he knows it, but looks like he doesn't

Khari Jones - Best guy on the Panel.

And the straight man - Needs to be better dressed or something; just not convincing.

Having said that.

Randorf, Schultzy, Jock Clime and Matt Dunnigan are great. I love hearing them at pre-game, haltime and in between quarters and post game.

Remember the days when Cactus Jack would broadcast the games on radio. You had to imagine a whole lot. I can put up with quite a bit just to be able to watch the games. The mute sometimes works great. How would you like Cherry doing football? We are still lucky.

Remember the games during the CBC lockout? I wish they'd bring that back, the stadium sound was great.

I like how TSN moved their score bar to the bottom of the screen. I'm also glad to see CBC replace their score box (which would shift from one corner to the other depending on the direction of the offense) with the score bar.