Suggestion for a new form on this site..

I was just looking over page 1 of the chat forum and noticed that just on one page there are 3 "cut" and 1 "trade" topics.

To save everyone time, may I suggest that the webmasters create a form for our use. Something along the lines of;

CUT....(insert name of player)
TRADE..(insert name of player)
START..(insert name of player)
BENCH..(insert name of player)

I am sure it would be well used, especially the day after a game. Also I am sure that others could come up with ideas for a form such as this. :wink:

NO! Would never work.

Everybody who starts a thread like that thinks they are coming up with an original, earthshattering, grounbreaking concept, an original idea that everybody will embrace.
They will never accept being treated as part of a cookiecutter concept.

Wilf, never meant it to be serious! Just get tired of seeing players ripped apart day after day on this forum, better things to talk about than cut/trade/bench so and so.

I wasn't being serious either. I get as upset as you at the repetition of 'Cut..'..'Bench...'..A couple of years ago, I railed against the "Bring him to Hamilton" threads that proliferated. Did it do any good? Of course not.
Life goes on!

Yeah, forgot about that trend from last year. We would have needed a 95 man roster to cover that one.

Didn't we try that idea a a couple of seasons ago? Wilf, with your elephantine memory, could you tell me if I'm correct?