suggestion: crowd decibel meter on scoreboard

They have a digital one in Kansas City, and it really helps pump up the crowd noise. The crowd always wants to break their previous "noise" record that they set earlier in the game. Don't know if the Ticat scoreboard crew can put one of these together for the Eastern Final, but if they did, it would really help drown out Crompton's playcalling, in my opinion.

This has been suggested before and I too agree that it would help pump up the crowd to the next level.
Our record this year proves that home field advantage does matter.
How hard can it be to find this graphic and add it to the scoreboard?

It should not be difficult at all. Who do we direct this suggestion to as I doubt the read the forums!!

The meter is a good idea. Might I also suggest a scoreboard reminder to be library quiet when we have the ball. When Simmons and the boys hold there hands up for quiet, they should get it. :thup:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)


Great idea and easy to do, excellent way to pump up the fans when the Al's go on offence and agree when the Cats go onb offence be very, very silent, our Cats are hunting Montreal Smoked Bird Meat!!!!!

Great Suggestion.

Suggestion 2 - "QUIET - Offense at work"

Suggestion 3. If the ticket you bought comes with a seat -sit in it. Dont watch all or large part of the game standing in the concourse clogging things up for everyone.

:thup: :thup:
:thup: :thup: :thup:

LET'S CRUSH THE METER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

noisy for defence == done
quiet for offence == done
loud meter == yes please

And I would love a video of Simoni Lawrence stealing Russell Crowe's line from Gladiator:
"On my command ... unleash hell."

pass it on!

Fantastic idea! And perhaps to tell the fans to be quiet during the offensive plays. It's crazy the amount of fans around my area who yell while Zack's in the huddle.

I emailed the Ticats, hopefully they do this :rockin:


So, how loud did it get?