Suggested New Name

Plus if you are going down the "mythical creature" naming route, remember Seattle already has the Thunderbirds in the WHL.

What's the AHL team going to be - the Palm Springs Poseidons?

Edmonton Yeti's

Would be cool but I still love Edmonton Exiles .

Like the dark theme for a football team .

I still think they should go away from double E. New marketing to new fans and sell more merchandise

but I still like the Eagles.

But then again, I am not a fan of this team so.....


I liked Esquires.

This is the kind of out of the box name the team needs, though Esquire might be a bit too polite :slight_smile:

Or you could do a full 180 degree turn on the indigenous angle.

The Edmonton Ekwa

What's that, you ask?

"Come on!" or "Let's go!" in Cree who (assuming I can trust Wikipedia) are the largest indigenous group in the Edmonton/Northern Alberta area.

Would that be an appropriate name considering the times we live in.

But the name seems catchy.

Call it the Ekwas and it's all good.