Suggested New Name

It's not on the final list.
I'm pretty sure it's the Eagles - EE
But in Washington it appears that the name Washington Football Team is so popular that they are going to keep that - no nickname

Well screw Washington and its team anyway.

Overdone though. Too many teams named the Eagles.

Evergreens can't be used now that QAnon in the states is using it to refer to Hillary Clinton's nickname and she sexually abused kids, as the nutter conspiracy theory goes.

Or a horse name Mr. Ed.


Wow. Who knew!?

Why not copy the soccer folks, call them Edmonton FC?

Washington is going to continue with the Washington Football Team. It's catching on. Do teams really need a nickname?
Just - "Edmonton FC"

I'd be good with that for 2 seasons of play whenever those should be. Then we can figure it out from the better of the options including the ones I noted above.

The City of Edmonton.

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The Edmonton Edmontonians

or Editess