Suggested New Name

Sounds even better than Golden Eagles. I like it. Actually putting any adjective in before the nickname gives more of a college feel to the name and just sounds better
Try - Thundering Elks - sounds a bit more menacing and tougher

Not sure why they are so hung up on keeping the same logo apart from saving cost - on the other side they lose out in new merchandising opportunities.

I agree. They don't have to keep the EE. Just pick a good new name and design a good looking logo to fit and people would buy the new merch. But it seems the team management is determined to keep the current logo.

Agree .

They can keep the double E as a third jersey day and try to fit the best name regardless of having a E .

I agree with you, unfortunately, it doesn't look like it's going that way. The Edmonton team management seems to be set on a name that starts with E so they can keep the current logo. My thought is that they want to keep changes to a minimum (just the name) as not to potentially upset more people. Not that I think that's going to work. People upset with the change will be upset whether or not the logo is changed or stays the same.

Evil Empire. That way they keep the "EE"

They don't even have to make that the official name, other fans will still keep calling them that. :wink:


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could call them El Diablos