Suggested New Name

It looks to me like the EE Football wants to use the name "Elks" given their survey. When I filled it out, I thought I was choosing my preferred name. But I found out later that I was supposed to rank in order of my preference. Of course Elks is first on the list. If many more make the same mistake, then the results will be skewed.

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By the way, Elks is an awful name. I will not set foot in The Brick Field at Commonweath Stadium if it's called the Elks.

That's your choice, but the name does have history on it's side (it was used by the team at one time), unlike the rest of the name options.

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Given the report and the discussion above, was that choice specifically "Elk" or "Elks"? There is a difference for some of us.

Sorry ... Elk

Just as FYI the voting says to rank the 7 names from best to worst

So my take:


I find it a bit odd Elk is not Elks but it would be the best fit imo
Evergreens / Evergolds are ok
I dislike Eagles
Despise the Elements / Elkhounds / Eclipse

A little bit off topic but just so you all know, the BC Lions didn’t take their name fro the cat but rather from the twin mountains you can see from Vancouver. We don’t even call them Mountain Lions out here, we call them Cougars.

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Here are my finalists irrespective of the list and fake contest as I suspect.

I'm sure there are a few from those with serious suggestions now, which I notice are not coming on the general forum thread of the same with many trolling the poll especially from Calgary or Saskatchewan.

Here's my opinion what names, listed with the new first plus the good ones of the existing, which should be on the final list.

Green Machine
Elks (not Elk and yes I know that is a correct plural of Elk as well!)

All others remaining on that list are garbage including Elk.

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Edmonton should pick "Eclipse" just so that they can employ singer Bonnie Tyler to sing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" for halftime shows on Thursday Night Football. LOL!

I like the first two choices.

Instead of just the Eagles, it should be Golden Eagles


Golden Eagles would be good (definitely better than most of those on the list), but of course the people in charge don't want to be bothered the have to change the EE logo. Actually, it wouldn't take much to turn the EE into GE, just have to erase a bit of the middle line where it connects to the upright part of the first E (then it would look like a square G.
BTW, just because I use a Stamps avatar doesn't mean I'm here to troll like has been suggested in earlier posts. Maybe some fans of other teams are, but I watch all CFL games and am a fan of the league as a whole. I would like to see Edmonton choose a good name.


Shows the organization has little regard to the fanbase.

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Perhaps the Double Blue Boatmen could also be a target because their sharp oars might harm some endangered aquatic species? Only the "Green Riders" seem safe from the PC police. Maybe that's because being "green" is fashionable these days. Anyway, GO ESKIES, proudly show the EE where it belongs !!

Personally I don’t like any of theses names that have been tossed about. I can’t think of a good one myself.

How about just dump the Ee , and go with something completely different. ‘Rocky Mountain way’.

There will NEVER be universal agreement on this. They should just pick a name and live with the inevitable flack they will take.

My personal choice was Executioners, but good luck getting that passed.

how about Economists

Great. Just great. Now we have to find a new word for 'potatoes'.

'IRON EAGLES' would be totally badass. A little paint over the first 'E' and yer done!!!