Suggested New Name

I have heard one of the suggested new names for the team is Edmonton Empire. I don't think it represents the city, the people or the team.

My suggestion for a new name would be Edmonton Echo.

As in a new team name that represents lessons learned from the echos of the past.

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I would vote for Evil Oilers.

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The Eskimos

or maybe just Emoes for short :slight_smile:

Edmonton Inuit

Hey what happened to my white walkers name .

Edmonton White Walkers

Goes with the idea we're old colonialists and evil men of the north .

Perfect .

Well, they'd only have to slightly modify the logo:

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Kraken is off the board :smiley:


Yes ; tilt it a degree more and boom it's perfect .

Brilliant name imo

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Name still says "Eskimos" on parts of this web section

Edmonton Golden Eagles. Team can keep the EE and print over a Golden Eagle. Someone do some art and see if it works. Golden Eagle is an Alberta Bird of prey and the colors can stay as is. Good marketing tool - kids might like it

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Golden Eagles would be a good choice, Argofan, I like it.

Thank you. :blush:

How creative. :roll_eyes:

...I like the Edmonton Eagles, golden or otherwise, has a nice ring to it...

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Thank you! :blush:

Kraken is part of Norwegian Folk Lore , they might be offended by this....and most likely are.

Well, whatever they decide to name the team, at least it can't be any worse than Seattle's new NHL team's name.

Seattle must have a lot of gamers who play WoW.

For sure. Do you live in Edmonton? I would definitely get this suggestion in front of them.